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A Glimpse of the Glow
VS ミュウ
VS Mew
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 1 in Vol. 1
VIZ Media monthly issue Chapter 1 in Mysterious Mew
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 1 in Vol. 1
Series Pokémon Adventures

A Glimpse of the Glow (Japanese: VS ミュウ VS Mew) is the first chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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In Pallet Town, a group of young children are attempting to catch a Nidorino. After failing numerous times, a boy named Red walks up to the group and explains that if they want to catch a Pokémon, they must weaken it in battle first. He then sends out his very own Poliwhirl to deal with the Nidorino. After the Poliwhirl weakens it by using Water Gun, Red throws a Poké Ball at the Nidorino and successfully catches him. Red then breaks the fourth wall by telling the reader that he is the best Pokémon Trainer around, explains the concept of Pokémon to the reader, and tells the reader that he will catch all the Pokémon in the world.

While heading home, one of the boys in the group asks Red if he knows Professor Oak, and then tells Red that they can learn a thing or two from him. Red then tells the group that they do not need that "old nut," as Red can teach them everything they need to know. Another member of the group then tells Red that Oak's grandson is one of the best Trainers around and that he was taught by Oak himself. Red then tells the group that he does not care who this powerful Trainer is, as Red can easily defeat him anyway. The group then says goodbye to Red, and he continues to walk home. Lost in thought, he accidentally runs into a group of Team Rocket Grunts. One of the Grunts scolds him, and, as they walk away, he notices a pair of Great Balls on each of their belts. Curious, Red decides to follow them and hides in the tall grass, where he overhears a conversation between the Grunts about a mysterious Pokémon in the West Wood. After hearing this, Red is determined to catch it and runs home to get some Poké Balls.

When Red enters the West Wood, he sees a Trainer with a Charmander battling the mysterious Pokémon Red was searching for. Intrigued, Red decides to watch the intense battle. However, after a short while, the Trainer recalls the Charmander before the battle is over. Red gets mad and scolds the Trainer for it. He then sends out his Poliwhirl. However, the Poliwhirl is quickly beaten by the mysterious Pokémon, which leaves Red dumbfounded. The Trainer tells Red that good Trainers know what their limitations are, and then he walks away. The group of Team Rocket Grunts appear, and when they notice that the ground is all burned up, one of the Grunts demand answers from Red, but another Grunt reminds him that they are in the Woods for the Mew, not for questioning kids.

After healing his Poliwhirl, Red returns to Pallet Town, and when he sees Professor Oak's Laboratory, he decides that the only way to become a good Pokémon Trainer is through Oak, and so Red rings the doorbell of the lab.

Major events

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  • This chapter is included in The Best of Pokémon Adventures: Red.
  • One of the Pallet Town kids bears resemblance to a Bug Catcher.
    • One of the girls with the Pallet Town kids bears a resemblance to Yellow, albeit with different clothing.
  • Charmander is shown to have spines on its back. This is the same as on its Generation I back sprites, but is absent in those of future generations.
  • The Team Rocket Grunts have Great Balls on their belt as opposed to regular Poké Balls.
  • A reference is made to the games in the way that Poké Balls have a one attempt catch when Red enters the Western Forest to try to track the "Phantom Pokémon" with an armful of Poké Balls.


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PS002 : Bulbasaur, Come Home!
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