Nejita is a freelance illustrator and artist for the Pokémon series, beginning with a series of TCG merchandise in 2019. In 2020, they would participate in creating an official wallpaper featuring Lugia and Ho-Oh in the runup to The Crown Tundra's release, and would end up as a character designer on Pokémon UNITE just a year later.[1]

Nejita's icon on Twitter as of 2024.
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Nejita works for multiple unrelated series at a time, such as Shadowverse[citation needed] and Pokémon. Throughout the early 2010s, we would post fan-art for Pokémon on his deviantart,[2] as well as other series such as Bioshock and Final Fantasy IX.[3][4]



Nejita is a Holowear designer for Pokémon UNITE, though goes uncredited in the game, due to lacking a credits sequence.

UNITE Holowear
Costume Party Style[1]


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This is a collection of official Pokémon artwork drawn by nejita.

Core series games

As part of a Legendary Pokémon Wallpaper promotion in the run up to the release of The Crown Tundra, Poké Times released artwork of Lugia and Ho-Oh by nejita.[5]

 Sw  Sh 
Crown Tundra promotional wallpaper


Nejita has drawn artwork for several pieces of Japanese Trading Card Game merchandise. During the Sword & Shield TCG Era, nejita drew artwork for a Gigantamax Charizard deck case and card sleeves that was also used later for a playmat, with index sheets being released soon thereafter. Charizard is depicted in what appears to be a Max Raid Den, tearing up the land below with it's huge tail in a painterly style. They then contributed to the "Evolutionary Lineage" line of artwork featuring Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise, as well as their families, for gloss sleeves and later card boxes, deck cases, and normal sleeves. When combined, they form a larger image. Nejita's artwork here uses a lot of bold lines; making the starter Pokémon stand out, a stark contrast to their other work.

Ever since their art for the Lumineon card sleeves, Nejita has frequently drawn a Pokémon in the center of the frame, surrounded by detailed effects work brought about by the world around them. This is especially true with their Lightning Tera Tyranitar deck case and sleeves, as of the Scarlet & Violet TCG Era. In 2023, this would expand further to Walking Wake card sleeves that were part of a blind box Ancient/Future Collection, featuring artwork for all Paradox Pokémon, with each sleeve being drawn by a different artist.