If you were looking for the character incorrectly called Natasha on Poké, see Nanette.

Natasha (Japanese: ナッチ Natchi) is a character of the day who appeared in What You Seed is What You Get.


Natasha is the owner of a watermelon patch near Mauville City and takes great pride in it, even declaring herself the "Melon Master". She has her Pokémon, including an Electrode which is painted like a watermelon, help her guard them.

A hungry Team Rocket happened to come across her watermelons and decided to help themselves to a few. However, they were stopped when her Electrode discovered them and used Rollout, which sent them flying. Unfortunately, this caused the watermelons to be dropped into a nearby river. Later, they happened to be discovered by Ash and his friends and they, not knowing the watermelons belonged to Natasha, decided to eat them. However, when Natasha saw them eating them, she immediately called on her Grovyle and Slugma to attack them. She refused to believe their alibis until her Electrode informed her that they were not the thieves. She then nervously apologized to Ash and the others.

Later, she challenged Ash to a Double Battle, where her Grovyle and Slugma faced off against Ash's Treecko and Corphish. She ended up winning the match when her Grovyle's Bullet Seed triumphed over Treecko's. However, in the process, Treecko was able to learn its own Bullet Seed, though it was imperfect.


Grovyle is one of the two Pokémon Natasha used to battle Ash. It first appeared when it used its Bullet Seed to intrude on Ash and his friends, who were eating the watermelons.

Grovyle showed a great amount of cooperation with Slugma when they battled Ash's Treecko and Corphish in a Double Battle. The battle was disrupted when Team Rocket appeared in their Cacnea mecha, but in the end, they were sent blasting off. The match resumed and Natasha won, due to Grovyle's own Bullet Seed being too powerful.

Grovyle's known moves are Bullet Seed, Leaf Blade, and Solar Beam.

Debut What You Seed is What You Get
Voice actors
Japanese Kōichi Sakaguchi
English Darren Dunstan
Slugma is the other Pokémon used in Natasha's battle with Ash. It first appeared when it used its Flamethrower to intrude on Ash and his friends who were eating the watermelons.

Along with her Grovyle, Slugma was used in a Double Battle, where it went up against Ash's Treecko and Corphish. Eventually, Corphish and Slugma knocked each other out after their Flamethrower and Bubble Beam attacks collided.

Slugma's known moves are Ember, Flamethrower, and Body Slam.

Debut What You Seed is What You Get
Voice actors
Japanese Shin-ichiro Miki
English Darren Dunstan
Natasha uses an Electrode, disguising it as a watermelon to guard her watermelon patch against thieves or other disturbances. It first appeared when it stopped Team Rocket from eating the watermelons, using Rollout to send them blasting off. It then appeared when it found Ash and his friends eating the watermelons. It later warned Natasha that Team Rocket were stealing the watermelons with their Cacnea mecha, but in the end they were sent blasting off again.

Electrode's only known move is Rollout.

Debut What You Seed is What You Get
Voice actors
Japanese Unshō Ishizuka
English Eric Stuart

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 若林直美 Naomi Wakabayashi
English Rebecca Honig
Finnish Hannamaija Nikander
Italian Laura Brambilla
Brazilian Portuguese Samira Fernandes
Spanish Latin America Mariana Ortíz
Spain Sandra Jara

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