Nanette (Japanese: ノノミ Nonomi) is a character of the day who appeared in New Places... Familiar Faces!. She is a new Trainer just starting out on her Pokémon journey and was on her way to Nuvema Town to get her first partner Pokémon from Professor Juniper. She is very anxious and fears that everything will turn out worse than the reality.


Ash and his friends met her as she was having trouble crossing over a bridge. They crossed ahead of her, reassuring her that the bridge was safe. Later, when she arrived at the lab, she refused to go inside, fearing it was full of hostile Galvantula and instead called out to anyone inside. She met with Ash and his friends again who invited her inside, and again she panicked, fearing Professor Juniper would be cruel to her. Instead, the Professor greeted her with a smile, and released Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott so she could choose one as her first partner Pokémon. The selection of first partner Pokémon began to make Nanette worried that if she chose Snivy, it would evolve in her sleep and constrict her in affection as a Serperior. She ruled out Oshawott as well, as she worried that it might accidentally drench her in her sleep. So, Nanette decided, thanks to Cilan's advice, to choose Tepig as her first partner Pokémon.

Ash and his friends decided to help Nanette bond with Tepig through a Tag Battle. She initially told Tepig to use Thunderbolt after Ash commanded Pikachu to do so, which confused it. Ash reminded her that Tepig is a Fire-type and thus can't use Thunderbolt and to look up its moves in her Pokédex. The battle was soon interrupted when Team Rocket appeared in one of their mechas. In a panic, Nanette quickly returned Tepig to its Poké Ball as the other Pokémon were stunned by Amoonguss's Stun Spore. Team Rocket nearly managed to steal Pikachu, but Nanette was able to distract Team Rocket with Tepig, who ended up being captured instead. Ash sent Unfezant and Pikachu to rescue Tepig, and it was eventually returned to Nanette who set off on her own journey.


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Nanette chose Tepig as her first partner Pokémon. To start some training, she, along with Ash and his friends, decided to have a Tag Battle, during which they were attacked by Team Rocket and their new Pokémon. Tepig managed to distract Team Rocket before they could steal Pikachu, but ended up being captured itself. It was rescued by Ash's Unfezant and Pikachu, and then returned to its Trainer.

Tepig's known moves are Ember and Tackle.

Debut New Places... Familiar Faces!
Voice actors
English Marc Thompson

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 瀬戸麻沙美 Asami Seto
English Jessica Paquet
Finnish Amy Burgess
European French Émilie Guillaume
Italian Martina Felli
Polish Dominika Sell
Brazilian Portuguese Michelle Giudice
Spanish Latin America Liliana Barba
Spain Blanca Hualde
Swedish Annelie Bhagavan


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