Morgan (Adventures)

Morgan (Japanese: モーガン Morgan) is a character in the Pokémon Adventures manga. He is a resident of Vaniville Town who works as a firefighter.

Morgan (top)


Morgan debuts in Tying Trevenant. He was one of the people who were kidnapped by Team Flare after attempting to escape from the destruction of Vaniville Town caused by the battle between Xerneas and Yveltal. Morgan and the other kidnapped Vaniville Town residents were taken to the Team Flare Secret HQ, where they were locked inside jail cells.

When Team Flare began the operation to retrieve the dormant tree form of Xerneas, Celosia used her Aegislash to mind control the Vaniville townspeople in order to use them for slave labor. The townspeople were taken to Route 8, where they were made to load Xerneas's tree form into a vehicle so that it can be moved to Team Flare's base. Morgan was freed from the mind control when Korrina battled against Celosia and defeated Aegislash with her Lucario.

Afterward, Morgan and the other Vaniville townspeople were taken to a Laverre City hospital to recuperate.



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