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トシキ Toshiki
Joshua Coordinator.png
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Bottle green
Hometown Pacifidlog Town
Region Hoenn
Trainer class Coordinator
Anime debut Mean With Envy
English voice actor Michael Sinterniklaas
Japanese voice actor Takashi Kondō

Joshua (Japanese: トシキ Toshiki) is a Pokémon Coordinator and a recurring character who appeared in the anime.


Joshua was training for the Pacifidlog Town Pokémon Contest with his girlfriend, Erica. Erica had been training with Joshua ever since they were little because her dream was for her and Joshua to be the first couple to win a Pokémon Contest together. However, Joshua felt that Erica was focusing too hard on the upcoming Contest and would try to get away from her as often as he could.

When May arrived in town for the Contest in Mean With Envy, she encountered Joshua after her Skitty ran off and was found playing with him. Erica noticed the pair chatting and in a fit of jealousy she believed May was trying to steal Joshua away from her. This jealousy continued after May and Joshua drove off Team Rocket together and even when they did something insignificant, such as complimenting each other's Pokémon.

In Pacifidlog Jam, May faced Joshua in the second round. Although Erica very badly wanted Joshua to defeat May, he ended up losing. Erica was angry at May for crushing her hopes of winning the Contest as a couple. Joshua approached Erika and explained that he and May were not romantically seeing each other, but instead that he just needed some time to himself.

Before the final round, Erica apologized to May, saying that she had no reason to be jealous after seeing her battle with Joshua. May accepted the apology, and as the young Coordinator headed off to the Grand Festival with her fifth ribbon, Erica and Joshua promised to cheer for her.

Both Erica and Joshua made a cameo during the Hoenn Grand Festival, watching it on TV in Deceit and Assist.


Joshua is calm and approachable. However, when it came to his girlfriend, Erica, he found himself unable to deal with her overbearing nature and decided to train for the upcoming Pacifidlog Town Contest by himself. Joshua eventually spoke to Erica after she continued to be jealous and mistreated May. The intervention led Erica to realize her mistakes, which alleviated Joshua's stresses. He and Erica settled on training separately while still supporting each other's Coordinator ambitions.


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Houndoom is Joshua's only known Pokémon. It first appeared in Mean With Envy when Team Rocket were trying to steal Ash's Pikachu and Snorunt. With the help of Ash, his friends, and Erica with Jynx, they were able to send Team Rocket blasting off.

Houndoom later appeared in the Appeals Round of the Pacifidlog Town Contest where it dazzled the audience and the judges with a combination of Shadow Ball and Swift getting Joshua through to the next round. After watching Erica make it to the final round due to Jester's disqualification in Pacifidlog Jam, Joshua went up against May and her Skitty. Houndoom fought hard but eventually lost, shattering Erica's dreams.

Houndoom's known moves are Swift, Shadow Ball, and Flamethrower.

Debut Mean with Envy

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 近藤隆 Takashi Kondō
English Michael Sinterniklaas
Finnish Tommi Haapaniemi
Italian Renato Novara
Brazilian Portuguese Ivo Roberto "Tatu"
European Spanish Álvaro de Juan

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