Ash's Glalie

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Ash's Glalie
サトシのオニゴーリ Satoshi's Onigohri
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Ash's Glalie
Debuts in Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snorunt!
Caught at Izabe Island
Evolves in Rhapsody in Drew
Gender Unknown*
Ability Unknown
Current location Professor Oak's Laboratory
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This Pokémon spent 15 episodes as Snorunt.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Snorunt Miyako Itō Kayzie Rogers
As Glalie Katsuyuki Konishi Pete Zarustica (AG122-AG133)
Unknown (JN114-present)

Ash's Glalie (Japanese: サトシのオニゴーリ Satoshi's Onigohri) was the fifth Pokémon that Ash caught in the Hoenn region, and his twenty-seventh overall.

In the anime


Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire

Snorunt training to master Ice Beam

Glalie debuted in Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snorunt! on Izabe Island as a Snorunt. It followed Ash and his friends through the snow to the Pokémon Center, where it began to cause trouble and stole Ash's Badge case. A chase ensued, with Snorunt leaving a trail of Badges to keep Ash pursuing it. After a small meeting with Team Rocket, it froze Ash with Icy Wind and left the Center through the window into an oncoming snowstorm. Ash followed it, and they ended up lost in the snow. After Ash got knocked unconscious by protecting it from a small avalanche, Snorunt took him to a cave for refuge and provided him with apples while they waited out the conditions. As Ash began to trust the mischievous Pokémon, Snorunt ran off into the blizzard with his hat so it could lead the others to where Ash was. Reunited, the group scolded Snorunt and asked for the other Badges before being interrupted by Team Rocket capturing Snorunt and Pikachu. Snorunt quickly escaped and saved Pikachu before battling Team Rocket's Pokémon. Later on, Snorunt still refused to return the Badge case, so Ash battled and subsequently caught it. Snorunt was later introduced to the group's other Pokémon, though it continued to prank everyone. In the next episode, Snorunt joined Max in his effort to get an unwell Ralts to a Pokémon Center. During the journey, Snorunt used Icy Wind to make ice packs to combat Ralts' fever.

In The Great Eight Fate!, Ash chose Snorunt and Pikachu as his first two Pokémon in a Double Battle in the first round of the Sootopolis Gym battle, going up against Juan's Sealeo and Seaking. Pikachu used Thunderbolt on Sealeo, but Seaking used Horn Drill to reflect it back to Snorunt. Pikachu then used Thunder, but Seaking used Horn Drill to reflect the attack to Snorunt again, but this time Pikachu protected Snorunt, taking most of the damage. Sealeo then used Blizzard on the two; Pikachu took a lot of damage but Snorunt barely felt the attack and jumped around happily. Snorunt then used Icy Wind to stop the Blizzard, creating an ice pillar that blocked everyone's view. When Sealeo and Seaking destroyed it, ice shards were sent up in the air, which Ash had Snorunt and Pikachu jump on to attack. Seaking then used Hyper Beam on Snorunt while Sealeo used Aurora Beam on Pikachu. Pikachu dodged, but Snorunt failed to, and the Hyper Beam knocked it out.

In Date Expectations!, Ash began trying to teach Snorunt Ice Beam. While learning the new move, Snorunt froze people multiple times, including its Trainer and Anthony. Finally, in Rhapsody in Drew, Robert recommended that it focus its energy in its head while battling Team Rocket during the Hoenn Grand Festival. Snorunt then evolved into a Glalie and sent them blasting off with its newly mastered Ice Beam.

Glalie defeating Clark's Charizard

Glalie had several battles in the Ever Grande Conference and proved quite a powerhouse in Ash's team. In Shocks and Bonds, it teamed up with Grovyle to battle Clark and his Pokémon, Quilava and Charizard. Glalie's Icy Wind did not damage either Pokémon but managed to hold off a Heat Wave. Grovyle and Quilava both went down, leaving Glalie against Charizard. Glalie froze up part of the battlefield to avoid Charizard's Flamethrower but was knocked around its own ice pillars. It managed to change this to its advantage, using the momentum to raise its speed and a high-speed Headbutt to flatten Charizard and give Ash the win.

Ash used Glalie as his third Pokémon in his Full Battle against Katie. It went up against her Dugtrio. Dugtrio used Dig, but Glalie used Headbutt on the ground, forcing Dugtrio to emerge and dealing damage. Glalie then used Ice Beam, knocking Dugtrio out. Glalie then went up against her Misdreavus. Glalie used Ice Beam, but Katie had Misdreavus take the attack. Glalie then used Headbutt, scoring a direct hit. While being hit, Misdreavus used Destiny Bond. The Headbutt defeated Misdreavus, but due to the effect of Destiny Bond, Glalie was also knocked out.

Glalie battling Morrison's Metang

In Choose It or Lose It!, Ash used Glalie as his sixth and final Pokémon in his Full Battle against Morrison, going up against his final Pokémon, Metang. Glalie used Headbutt while Metang used Take Down, with Take Down dealing more damage. Glalie used Ice Beam, which Metang redirected with Confusion, hitting Glalie. Glalie's Ice Beam was reflected a second time, but Ash saw this coming and used Icy Wind to redirect the attack back to Metang again, hitting it. Glalie hit Metang with a Headbutt, but Metang countered with a super-effective Meteor Mash. Glalie used Headbutt again, spinning to increase its power, while Metang used Meteor Mash. Just before the collision, Glalie ducked, avoiding the Meteor Mash and hitting with the spinning Headbutt, knocking Metang out, winning Ash the battle, and moving him to the next round of the Victory Tournament.

Later, Ash used Glalie as his first Pokémon in his Full Battle against Tyson, going up against his Sceptile. Glalie used Ice Beam while Sceptile used Solar Beam, creating a massive explosion. In the next episode, it was revealed that this explosion knocked out both Pokémon.

Kanto Battle Frontier

In The Right Place and the Right Mime, Ash left Glalie at Professor Oak's Laboratory before he went to challenge the Battle Frontier.

Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl

In An Old Family Blend!, Glalie returned to Ash's team for the Lily of the Valley Conference. Upon seeing its Trainer, it froze Ash with Ice Beam, which led Torkoal to thaw him out with a Flamethrower. In Working on a Right Move!, Glalie was seen training with Torterra and Infernape before Ash's battle with Conway. Ash was initially going to use Glalie because of its power to try to overwhelm Conway but he changed his mind as he knew that he couldn't depend on sheer power alone. Glalie was not seen participating in the Lily of the Valley Conference.

Glalie and Ash

Pokémon the Series: Black & White

Glalie was reunited with Ash in The Dream Continues!, where it and the rest of Ash's Pokémon posed in a group photo with him.

Pokémon Journeys: The Series

Glalie, along with the rest of Ash's Pokémon at the lab, reunited with Ash in Friends, Rivals, Lend Me Your Spirit!. During the visit, it was seen sitting under a waterfall with Ash's Dracovish and later watched the battle between Ash and Paul. Before Ash left, it posed with the rest of Ash's Pokémon in a group photo with him.

From Battling as Hard as Stone! onwards, Glalie watched Ash's Masters Eight Tournament matches against Steven, Cynthia, and Leon. In Partners in Time!, Glalie appeared as a vision to Pikachu during his battle against Leon's Charizard.

Glalie freezing Ash

In Heroes Unite!, Glalie, along with the rest of the Pokémon at the lab, welcomed Ash back to Pallet Town after his victory over Leon.

In The Rainbow and the Pokémon Master!, Glalie was seen playing with Ash during his time in Pallet Town.

Personality and characteristics

As a Snorunt, it was initially mischievous and troublesome, constantly playing pranks on Ash and his friends. Since its capture, it has been very energetic and giggly, seeming to laugh at everything, whether good or bad. However, it has demonstrated that it can be serious a few times, namely when it rescued Ash from perishing in a blizzard or when it froze some berries to help Max treat a sick Ralts. Sometimes, Snorunt seems irrational, most notably when Snorunt argued with a Kirlia over what was best for the Ralts Max had taken into his care.

A running gag in the anime had it freeze people with its Ice-type attacks, with Ash typically being on the receiving end. Even after gaining control over its attacks and evolving into Glalie, it continued to freeze its Trainer, although now out of affection.


As a Snorunt

Moves used

Using Ice Beam as a Snorunt
Move First Used In
Icy Wind Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snorunt!
Double Team Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snorunt!
Headbutt Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snorunt!
Ice Beam Date Expectations
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

Moves improvised

Picture First Used In Moves Involved Partnered With
  Choose It or Lose It! Headbutt None
Description: Glalie uses Headbutt while spinning to hit the opponent. This was used to deal the finishing blow to Morrison's Metang.


Official artwork from
Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire
Official artwork from
Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire
Poster for
Pokémon: To Be a Pokémon Master

In the games

In the spin-off games

Pokémon Advanced Generation: Pokémon Number Battle!

Snorunt appears in Pokémon Advanced Generation: Pokémon Number Battle!.

In the manga

Ash & Pikachu

As a Snorunt
Glalie in Ash & Pikachu

Glalie first appeared as a Snorunt in A Clash Of Wills!! Eternal Rivals?!. In the next chapter, it was revealed to have evolved into Glalie.

Moves used

Using Headbutt
Move First Used In
Headbutt Start Of The Pokémon League!!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


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