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Hunter's underlings

Hunter's underlings

The (Japanese: ハンターの部下 Hunter's underlings) are a group of characters of the day who appeared in SM120. They assist their boss in capturing other people's Pokémon as well as wild ones for a living.

They helped their boss poison Kyogre. Upon realizing this, Ash and Lana worked together to stop them from poaching Kyogre. With the help of their Pokémon and Kyogre, they sent them flying. They eventually landed on a beach where Officer Jenny was relaxing.


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Hunter's underlings's Palpitoad (x2)
Palpitoad (x2)
These two Palpitoad are the underlings' only known Pokémon. They battled Ash and his Pokémon to prevent him from helping Lana cure a Kyogre of its poison, but were soon defeated.

The Palpitoad's known moves are Mud Shot and Hydro Pump.

Debut SM120

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 岩崎諒太 Ryota Iwasaki
三瓶雄樹 Yuki Sanpei

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