Gulzar (Japanese: ジュンジ Junji) is a character of the day who appeared in Pokémon Food Fight!.


He appeared on Butwal Island, when Tracey tried to pull his flower hat off his head, thinking that they were just flowers growing in the ground. Gulzar was infuriated and said that he is the greatest Grass-type Trainer in the Orange Islands. However, Ash defended Tracey; angered by this, he challenged Ash to a battle.

After Gulzar sent out his Gloom, Ash tried to send out his Charizard, but ended up accidentally sending out Squirtle instead, followed by Snorlax. However, Snorlax's Poké Ball broke, forcing Ash to use it in the battle. When Snorlax woke up, it tried to eat Gulzar's Gloom, and then it ate Gulzar's flower hat and his lunch.

Gulzar ran away, but reappeared when Ash and his friends were trying to go to the Pokémon Center of the island to get Snorlax's Poké Ball fixed. However, Team Rocket tried to steal the food supply at the Center. After Ash and Snorlax defeated Team Rocket, Gulzar realized that Ash was a strong Trainer, and gained respect for him.


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Gulzar's Gloom first appeared in a battle against Ash, who intended to battle it with Charizard but grabbed Squirtle's Poké Ball by mistake. Squirtle went for a Water Gun but it only refreshed Gloom, so Ash recalled it and tried to send out Charizard again, but wound up sending out his Snorlax instead, breaking its Poké Ball in the process. Snorlax fell asleep and Gloom used Solar Beam, which woke Snorlax up. It attempted to eat Gloom and Gloom had to be recalled.

Gloom's only known move is Solar Beam.

Debut Pokémon Food Fight!
Voice actors
Japanese Kaori Tsuji

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 伊倉一恵 Kazue Ikura
English Amy Birnbaum
Arabic إيمان بيطار Iman Bitar
European French Baptiste Hupin
Hebrew יפה גבאי Yafa Gabay
Italian Patrizia Mottola
Polish Artur Krajewski
Brazilian Portuguese Rodrigo Andreatto
European Spanish Sara Vivas

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