Groundbreakers (TFG)

Groundbreakers was to have been the first expansion set for the Pokémon Trading Figure Game. The set's release was delayed numerous times until the eventual cancellation of the TFG. Had Groundbreakers been released, it would have included 38 new Pokémon figures, 4 new Trainer figures, new Trainer cards and 2 new Special Conditions.


Release information

The Groundbreakers set symbol

Like Next Quest, Groundbreakers had two one-player starter sets: Skydive and Whirlwind. Both sets were initially released exclusively at Wal-Mart as part of a special distribution deal, though Skydive sets were much more prevalent than Whirlwind. The starters eventually began to appear in other retail stores, such as Toys "R" Us shortly before the TFG's cancellation. Consequently, these figures are the only ones from Groundbreakers to see official release.

A Groundbreakers checklist was revealed as part of promotional material for the expansion, hence the knowledge of the set's content. A number of the remaining unreleased figures are known to exist, obtained through unofficial distributors, special occasions, in some TCG tin boxes, or from showcases. These figures remain sought-after among collectors of the TFG.

As with the American release of Next Quest, none of the figures have rarity symbols. It is unknown whether European and Australian figures were to have rarity symbols as they did in their respective Next Quest launches had Groundbreakers been successfully released.

Figure list

Figure checklist
No. Figure Name
1/42 Armaldo
2/42 Blastoise
3/42 Bulbasaur
4/42 Cacnea
5/42 Cyndaquil
6/42 Elekid
7/42 Flaaffy
8/42 Geodude
9/42 Girafarig
10/42 Hariyama
11/42 Jigglypuff
12/42 Kabuto
13/42 Kadabra
14/42 Lairon
15/42 Lapras
16/42 Larvitar
17/42 Latias
18/42 Latios
19/42 Linoone
20/42 Mankey
21/42 Metagross
22/42 Mewtwo
23/42 Mightyena
24/42 Noctowl
25/42 Poliwag
26/42 Psyduck
27/42 Raticate
28/42 Slaking
29/42 Smoochum
30/42 Snubbull
31/42 Spinarak
32/42 Spinda
33/42 Steelix
34/42 Venusaur
35/42 Wartortle
36/42 Wobbuffet
37/42 Xatu
38/42 Zubat
39/42 Green
40/42 Koga
41/42 Landon
42/42 Sabrina

Trainer card list

No. Card Name Rarity
1/8 No Wait  
2/8 Power Battle  
3/8 Special Veil  
4/8 Swap Spots  
5/8 Switch  
6/8 X Accuracy  
7/8 X Attack  
8/8 X Special  

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