Trainer card (TFG)

A Trainer card is a card used in Pokémon Trading Figure Game. They are similar to Trainer cards from the Pokémon Trading Card Game on a horizontal tilt, while most have the same artwork as their TCG counterpart. There is a total of sixteen Trainer cards in the TFG, eight from Next Quest and eight from Groundbreakers.

A Trainer card, Full Heal
The back of a Trainer card

Different Trainer cards have different effects and, as such, there are many different Trainer cards usable with many different effects. Trainer cards may be designed to help the user or hinder the opponent and are a key inclusion in any game.

Using Trainer cards

At the beginning of the game, both players place three Trainer cards—the three cards that will be used in the game—face-up in front of themselves.

Before moving a Pokémon, the current player may play a Trainer card. To do so, the player must choose one of their face-up Trainer cards then spin their Trainer figure. If the Trainer spin is successful, the card is resolved. If the Trainer spin is a miss, it doesn't use up the Trainer card but the current player's turn is over.

If it has a lasting effect on a Pokémon, the card is placed underneath the figure until the effect is over. The card is placed face down next to the player's other Trainer cards when the effect ends. If it has an effect right away, the effect is performed immediately, then the card is placed face down next to the player's other Trainer cards.

Some Trainer cards allow a Pokémon to be moved after the successful use of the Trainer card. If it does, it will be written on the card. In this case, the Trainer card is followed first, and then a Pokémon can be moved.

List of Trainer cards

Card Rarity Expansion Card no.
Full Heal   Next Quest 1/8
Long Throw   Next Quest 2/8
Max Revive   Next Quest 3/8
Scoop Up   Next Quest 4/8
Swap Spots   Next Quest 5/8
Switch   Next Quest 6/8
X Accuracy   Next Quest 7/8
X Attack   Next Quest 8/8
No Wait   Groundbreakers 1/8
Power Battle   Groundbreakers 2/8
Special Veil   Groundbreakers 3/8
Swap Spots   Groundbreakers 4/8
Switch   Groundbreakers 5/8
X Accuracy   Groundbreakers 6/8
X Attack   Groundbreakers 7/8
X Special   Groundbreakers 8/8

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