These are Gaeric's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series games

Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Mission 12 - "The Slumbering Lord of the Tundra"
Alabaster Icelands (Avalugg's Legacy)
  • Before battle
"Let's begin with some proper introductions!"
"I am Gaeric. I serve as one of the Pearl Clan's wardens."
"And you must be <player>, right? Of the Galaxy Team."
"Answer me this, would you? On what grounds do you come here seeking to quell Lord Avalugg?"
Regardless of choice: "That leads to my next question: What is wrong with him being frenzied?"
Regardless of choice: "Then I have another question: Setting aside any orders, what is it your heart tells you to do?"
Regardless of choice: "Our mighty Lord of the Tundra, Avalugg, has done nothing to trouble any person or Pokémon!"
"We are. There's certainly some logic to that. But if that is what you hope to accomplish, then we must judge whether this child is up to the task!"
"Who cares about the grandstanding? Let's get to battling!"
Let's start!: "My musculature is as hard and unyielding as ice! Think you can break through?!"
Let's not: "Then you will never earn my approval! If you won't allow me to test your mettle, all there is for me to do is resume my training!"
  • After battle
"Outstanding! I'm tough as an iceberg, but you smashed me through and through!"
"I suppose you all can get on with it now. This one's alright!"
"Then if you insist on quelling Avalugg's frenzy, you'll want to claim some of that Eternal Ice he likes and bring it to my Lord's seat. Good luck!"
"Seems you better focus on pursuing Warden Sabi. And let me focus on my workout while I still can!"
  • Atop Avalugg's Legacy
"At last, this summit is conquered!"
"And I see you made it, too!"
"Flew down to this place and obtained the Eternal Ice, did you? What drives that burning zeal of yours, I wonder."
"I do have to respect the effort you've put in."
"I may still have my own doubts weighing on my mind, but I will make the necessary preparations so that you can face my Lord, Avalugg."
"Meet me at Icepeak Arena."
"Now, don't try to repeat the wondrous feat you're about to see me perform!"
"A tall leap like this can only be managed by highly toned bodies like mine!"
"Till next we meet!"
Alabaster Icelands (Arena's Approach)
"That he is! And you know what? He's an absolute beast!"
"Oh, you'll be all right! You just have to eat some Swordcaps, then give your training your all—nothing better for building muscle than that."
"Onward now—to the arena!"
Alabaster Icelands (Icepeak Arena)
  • Before the player battles Avalugg
"So we are to quell Avalugg, as you wished... In the end, the strength of your feelings won out."
"Or maybe your real strength comes from the way that you walk among both people and Pokémon."
"Well! I suppose I'd better get to work making some balms using that Eternal Ice."
"I've heard how they are made, and with muscles like mine, it'll be only a moment's work!"
"And there you have it!"
"If you truly wish to quell Avalugg, then walk on. The path lies before you!"
"But know that Avalugg will hurl chunks of ice at you without relent!"
"You'll need unrivaled dodging ability!"
  • After the player quells Avalugg's frenzy
"B-but seeing mighty Avalugg quelled—and by such a slight child..."
"A child that fell from the sky..."
"Is this <player> boy/girl some kind of monster in disguise?!"
"It seems you've already changed, Irida."
  • If talked to after, before returning to Jubilife Village
"You quelled Avalugg..."
"We may not yet know for sure if it was right or not to do so, but it was certainly a fine battle!"
Request 98 - "Massive Mass Outbreak in the Coastlands"
Jubilife Village (Front gate)
"What a fine surprise, meeting you two while out fetching supplies for our settlement."
"Calaba filled me in. You're looking into mass outbreaks that happen during rainstorms? Well then, I'll tell you what I recommend: Sticky Globs!"
"Hitting a Pokémon with a Sticky Glob will slow it right down! I bought the recipe at the craftworks myself, by request from the settlement."
"I'd better get back to the icelands. Not that it'll take much time with well-trained legs like these!"
Alabaster Icelands (Icepeak Arena)
  • If talked to after completing the main story
"Avalugg, mighty Lord of the Tundra, is ready to storm and rage mightily once again today—just as he did when he was struck by that odd lightning!"
"What are you here to do?"
Have a rematch: "All right! Let's put those muscles to work!"
Check my record: "Your fastest time to victory? Let's see... That would be XX:XX:XX."
Nothing, really: "Yes, that's for the best. Avalugg is too strong to be a simple sparring opponent."
  • If the player loses to Avalugg
"That looked like a rough workout. I've gone ahead and made sure your Pokémon are all right. Avalugg is a formidable opponent. As his warden, I feel such awe at his vast and mighty power!"
  • If the player defeats Avalugg
"You pulled off quite the feat besting my lord, Avalugg, in battle!"
"It seems this time, you and your muscles emerged victorious in XX:XX:XX."
"Well now, that's a new record!"
"You gave it your all out there, so here's something from me."
"And here—an extra reward. You've earned it!"
"Seems you worked up a good sweat. Nice job! Don't go repeating this to Avalugg, but I can tell he's excited to meet you in battle again soon."
Jubilife Village (Photography studio)
"Hey, how about taking one of these, uh, picture things with me and my Glalie? We're just as unyielding on film as we are in person!"
Jubilife Village (Training grounds)
  • Before battle
"Who cares about the grandstanding? Let's get to battling!"