Fuchsia Free-For-All Race

Fuchsia Free-For-All Race is a Pokémon race held annually in Fuchsia City on the last day of the festival celebrating the Nomads Independence Day. It appears exclusively in The Electric Tale of Pikachu manga.

Pokémon and their Trainers participating in the race

The Fuchsia Free-For-All Race is the most popular and well-known event occurring during the Nomads Independence Day festival, drawing many tourists from outside the Fuchsia City area. The event originates from a time when the nomadic tribes of the Fuchsia City area were at war. Rather than compete against each other in war, the nomads decided to compete in a race instead as a peaceful form of competition. In modern times, the race is open to anyone interested in entering and not only to members of the nomadic tribes.

The objective of the race is for a Trainer and their Pokémon to be the first to grab the flag atop Mt. Spirit. Trainers may enter with any Pokémon they desire, but are prohibited from using Fly. Trainers often breed Pokémon specifically to use in the race.

When Lara Laramie was injured by her Ponyta (which was startled by Dario), Ash Ketchum entered the race using her Ponyta. Despite Dario's many dirty tricks, Lara's Ponyta evolved into Rapidash, and won the race with its increased speed and power.

The foothills of Mt. Spirit are blanketed in thick fog year-round, making the race difficult and dangerous. Because of this, the race which Ash Ketchum entered on behalf of Lara Laramie was the final free-for-all race to be held.

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