Daybreak Meteor Shower

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Japanese movie ending themes
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Yoake no Ryūseigun
Daybreak Meteor Shower
Movie 17 ED
Lyrics TOMOMI/田中秀典
TOMOMI / Hidenori Tanaka
Composer 田中秀典
Hidenori Tanaka
Arrangement 亀田誠治
Seiji Kameda
Epic Records Japan Single
Title 夜明けの流星群
Daybreak Meteor Shower
Catalog no. ESCL-4240

Daybreak Meteor Shower (Japanese: 夜明けの流星群 Yoake no Ryūseigun) is the Japanese ending theme for The Cocoon of Destruction and Diancie. It is performed by SCANDAL.


Japanese English
夜明け前 吹き荒れた風は何の前触れ?


降り出した流星群に願いを積んで 君の明日へ放つ
「いつかまた会える」って言わないよ 振り向かず行けるように
つながった手を 今強く握った 同じ空の下

ぶつかり合った日は 誰より遠くに感じて
ポケットの “ごめんね”が 取り出せないまま


過ぎ去った流星群を胸に抱いて 僕はエールを送る
どんな深い森に迷ったって 笑顔がすぐそばにあった
毎日にひそんだサプライズが 君を大きく変える
輝くダイヤモンド 心にひとつ 忘れないように


降り出した流星群に願いを積んで 君の明日へ放つ
どんな離れてたって感じ合える 絆が僕らにはあるさ
もっと強くなれる 信じてる 奇跡だって起こせる
つながった手を 今そっと離した 同じ空の下
What do the roaring winds herald before daybreak
The heart fabricating a web of lies is shed away
Although I promised not to cry, the squall wouldn't stop
It's because I have heard your voice out of the blue

Even if the things I lose increases
I will not lose this feeling

The falling meteor shower will pick up our wishes, freeing it towards your tomorrow
Don't say "We'll meet again someday" as if we're moving on and never turning back
The future that I hoped would come true, perhaps it would be on this night
Let's hold our hands tightly under the same sky

In those clashing days, you seem to be the furthest among the rest
Unable to take out the "Sorry" from my pocket
Like the time I awkwardly shoved off
You're always by my side

Always looking for something to exchange goodbyes
The distant sky had become more blurry

The meteor shower passing by embraces me, I sent my yell out
No matter how I lose myself in the deep forest, there's always a smile beside me
My hidden surprise makes big changes in you every day
Unforgettable like a sparkling diamond in my heart

Even if the colors of the world change
Even if we walk the unknown road home
We must move on

The falling meteor shower will pick up our wishes, freeing it towards your tomorrow
No matter how we separate, as long as we can feel each other's bonds
We can become stronger, if we believe, miracles can happen
Our tightly held hands are slowly separating now under the same sky
You are not alone

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Smiling Face
Japanese movie ending themes

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