Challenge! The Fortress Of Steel
挑戦! ハガネの城!!
Challenge! The Steel Castle!!
Collected in Vol. 2
Chapter number 9
Location Celestic Town
Canalave City
Manga series Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure!
Previous Chapter Team Galactic's Conspiracy, Revealed!!
Next Chapter Serious Training on Iron Island!!

Challenge! The Fortress Of Steel!! (Japanese: 挑戦! ハガネの城!! Challenge! The Steel Castle!!) is the ninth chapter of the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! manga.


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The chapter begins as Mitsumi and Jupiter seem to be evenly matched. Just when things are about to end for Mitsumi, Jun comes in to help (it also seems that his Staravia evolved). However, he is not alone, as Professor Rowan steps in. Seeing the potential danger, the Team Galactic Commanders flee on their Golbat. Prof. Rowan realizes that in order to obtain Dialga, they must catch the lake trio. Professor Rowan decides to send them to the Sinnoh lakes.

Meanwhile, Hareta and Piplup are resting peacefully in Byron's house when they suddenly get an army-style wake-up call from the Gym Leader himself. They are skeptical on whose side the tough iron miner is on, but their minds are changed when they receive a fit-for-a-king breakfast. After discussing the accident, he introduces himself as Byron, the "man of steel".

Walking through the City of Ports, the group arrives at the Gym. Once inside, Hareta is put through challenges such as dodging steel beams, confronting a speedy moving walkway going in the opposite direction, and battling a one-on-three battle during an Earthquake. He reaches Byron only to find out that he has already lost due to his recklessness. He is sent to Iron Island for further training and the chapter ends with Fantina screaming at the reader, shouting "How dare you call me Grandma?!"

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