Cove Area

Cove Area ポートエリア
Port Area
Cove Area
Zone Info
Zone Leader None
Drifblim Stop None
Area Info
Area Keeper Samurott
Drifblim Stop
Seasong Beach In front of the lighthouse
Cove Town In the square
{{{area3}}} None
Connecting Areas
Arbor Area
Crag Area
Tech Area
Fourth connected zone
Fifth connected zone
Sixth connected zone

The Cove Area (Japanese: ポートエリア Port Area) is one of the areas in the game PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond. It is an area located along a coastline and watched over by its Area Keeper, Samurott.


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The player first arrives at Seasong Beach after Piplup invites Pikachu to tag along. The pair then overhears Krokorok and Sandile talking about a fun new park called Wish Park. Piplup and Pikachu visit Wish Park, and Piplup gets left behind when Oshawott comes to save them. Oshawott then takes Pikachu to the Area Keeper, Samurott, who asks that Pikachu teams up with Oshawott during their investigation.

After learning of Krokorok and Sandile's whereabouts from Alomomola, Pikachu and Oshawott venture to Cove Town, but Timburr, who is blocking the path to Cove Town, requests them to go to the lighthouse to find his hammer for him first, because he needs it to fix the tunnel's overlook from collapsing. With that done, the duo reaches to Cove Town.

In Cove Town, Oshawott and Pikachu find Krokorok and Sandile and are challenged to a battle. Upon the duo's victory, Krokorok confesses everything to the duo: one day, Gothita came to Krokorok and Sandile for a favor, which is to take the Pokémon to Wish Park, in exchange for Berries. Krokorok then tells the duo how to open Wish Park's Poster Portal: they need many Pokémon friends to wish for the portal to open. After making enough friends, the duo works together with the friends they made to wish for the portal to open, allowing the duo to enter Wish Park again.

After bringing every Pokémon stuck in Wish Park's Cake Zone except Piplup back to the Cove Area, the duo returns to Seasong Beach to once again meet Samurott, who thanks the duo for their heroic actions and then tells them to head to the Arbor Area next to continue their investigation of Wish Park. He also tells the duo to ask Krookodile, the Gatekeeper in Cove Town, to open the Arbor Area gate for them.

When the duo meets Krookodile in Cove Town, he requests them to bring him Audino first, and then challenges them to a battle. With the two favors done, he then opens the Arbor Area gate for them and also teaches them how to call friends for help.

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Seasong Beach

Seasong Beach is a sun drenched beach where many Pokémon come to play. It is home to the Area Keeper, Samurott.

Cove Town

Cove Town is a cheery and urban town where Pokémon thrive. Many Pokémon in Cove Town are willing to train Pikachu and his pals' abilities, essential for progression through the game. The Gatekeeper, Krookodile, guards the gates to the other Areas here in Cove Town. A Kecleon in Cove Town will share play-time records and achievements.


Available Pokémon

This is a list of all the Pokémon that can be befriended in the Cove Area. The locations listed is where the respective Pokémon is commonly found before you befriend it, however the Pokémon have free range and may run off when interacting with other Pokémon once the player has befriended it.

Pokémon Location Skill game Notes Pokémon Location Skill game Notes
At the beginning of game Chase  
By the shoreline None Reunite the Maractus trio.
At the beginning of the game Battle  
In the ocean Chase
Near the fountain None Bring Patrat their missing ball to befriend them.  
♀ - Along the shoreline
♂ - In the ocean
♀ - Chase
♂ - Hide-&-Seek
Beat the female Frillish at a Skill Game to make the male Frillish appear.
In a hidden cavern* None Avoid his attacks and reach the treasure chest  
In the tunnel leading to the Poster Portal Battle Distract him with a Plush to keep him from burrowing
At the Square in Cove Town Battle  
On a cliff overlooking the ocean Chase
At the Square in Cove Town Battle  
At the Square in Cove Town None Purchase a Cool Jewel
Near the gates in Cove Town Battle*  
In her shop None Bring her a Rotor Motor to befriend
Flying around the beach/Near the lighthouse Quiz  
On top of a building None Speak to her to befriend
Flying around the beach* None Take a picture of Pelipper flying and show it to him to befriend.  
At the Square in Cove Town* Chase Train with her to befriend. Will train the player's Dash
Near the Drifblim sign* None Automatically befriends the player  
At the Square in Cove Town None Train with her to befriend. Will train HP
At the Square and back alley in Cove Town* Chase* Help her catch Trubbish to befriend.  
At the Square in Cove Town Battle* Train with him to befriend. Will train Pikachu
On top of a roof in Cove Town* Chase  
At the Square in Cove Town* Battle Train with her to befriend. Will train Snivy
At the park near the Square in Cove Town Battle* Automatically befriends the player*  
At the Square in Cove Town* Battle Train with him to befriend. Will train Tepig
At the park near the Square in Cove Town Battle* Automatically befriends the player*  
At the Square in Cove Town* Battle Train with him to befriend. Will train Oshawott
At the park near the Square in Cove Town None Automatically befriends the player*  
At the Square in Cove Town* Chase Be mugged by Purrloin to chase.
Near a goal post at the park in Cove Town* Obstacle Hop  
Back alley in Cove Town Chase
At the park near the Square in Cove Town* None Give him a Stinkberry  
Near the canal in Cove Town Battle
Beat the game Battle  
In a hidden cavern Hide-&-Seek
Around the lighthouse Chase  
In the ocean* Chase
On a cliff overlooking the ocean* Battle  
In the ocean* None Give 50 Honey Jars to befriend
Near the fountain Chase Carry it to the fountain to challenge Pidove.  
At his shrine None Examine the shrine to make him appear*
Flying around the square Chase  
Behind a row of buildings in Cove Town* None Talk to him to befriend

In other languages

Cove Area

Language Title
  Japanese ポートエリア
  French Zone Côtière
  German Hafenbezirk
  Italian Area Portuale
  Spanish Zona Costera

Seasong Beach

Language Title
  Japanese なみうちのはまべ
  Italian Baia delle Onde

Cove Town

Language Title
  Japanese みなとまち
  French Vieux-Port
  Italian Città del Porto

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