Crag Area

Crag Area ロックエリア
Rock Area
Crag Area
Zone Info
Zone Leader None
Drifblim Stop None
Area Info
Area Keeper Emboar
Drifblim Stop
Rockridge Fort On the upper level
Colosseum In front of the cave
{{{area3}}} None
Connecting Areas
Cove Area
Second connected zone
Third connected zone
Fourth connected zone
Fifth connected zone
Sixth connected zone

The Crag Area (Japanese: ロックエリア Rock Area) is one of the areas in the game PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond. It is an area located near some ruins and watched over by its Area Keeper, Emboar. It is a mountainous region, arid at its foot, and covered in ice and snow at its peak, and showing signs of volcanic activity inside its rocky walls. It is a place where powerful Pokémon come to train, and as a result, many Battle Tournaments take place here.


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After rescuing the Pokémon in Wish Park's Dance Zone, Pikachu, Oshawott, and Snivy make their way to the Crag Area. Here, they meet a friendly Victini, who asks them to help him find his friend, Tepig. He also gives the trio a hint to the secret word needed to get past Bastiodon and enter Rockridge Fort.

Once inside, the trio hears a strange voice coming from inside the cannon in the middle of the fort, who claims to be Tepig. Since the trio doesn't know how to get Tepig out of the cannon, they request Darumaka from nearby for help. After the group fires Tepig out of the cannon, despite his objections, he angrily challenges them to a battle. Once defeated, he calms down and forgives the trio for launching him into the air, saying that it gave him a new idea for an attack. He then joins the trio in hopes of entering the Battle Tournament.

The group goes to ask Emboar's permission to enter the Battle Tournament, and then he gives the group two additional conditions to complete before entering: the first one is to smash a nearby rock with Tepig's new attack, and the second one is to go to the cave to find the Bravery Beard. Once both conditions are completed, Emboar happily accepts their entry to the Battle Tournament and tells them to talk to Darmanitan, who guards the gate to the Colosseum. When being talked to, he lets the group open the gate by hitting the gate's switch with Tepig's Heat Crash, and so they enter the Colosseum after opening the gate.

As the group makes their way to the Colosseum, they once more meet Victini, who thanks them for finding Tepig, before continuing to head to the Colosseum. On their way, they are challenged by a jealous Rhyperior and three Geodude, who are angered that they didn't get entered into the Battle Tournament, but then let them pass once defeated. Upon reaching the arena, they find the gate shut, and take another route into the arena where they are met with their opponent: Hydreigon. Once Hydreigon is defeated, Scraggy appears and announces to everyone around them that Hydreigon has been leading Pokémon into Wish Park. With his actions exposed, Hydreigon unveils the Poster Portal hidden in the walls of the Colosseum. His partner, Haxorus, then appears with Victini in his claws and knocks out Emboar. The duo then escape into the portal with Victini and tell Pikachu and the others to find many friends to help them open the portal, so to enter Wish Park and battle them there. After making enough friends, the group works together with the friends they made to wish for the portal to open, allowing the group to enter Wish Park.

After bringing every Pokémon stuck in Wish Park's Power Zone back to the Crag Area, the group and Victini, who they also rescued, return to the Colosseum, with Emboar already there waiting for them. He thanks them for their heroic actions, but then tells them that the Dark Vortex has finally appeared above PokéPark. Victini then suggests to the group that they go to the Tech Area, where has a place called Scientorium, where Wish Park's portals are made, and so the group then goes there as their next destination.

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Rockridge Fort

Rockridge Fort is a gnarly and arid landscape where many tough and strong Pokémon come to train themselves. Their training is watched over by the Area Keeper, Emboar, who maintains peace amongst all the Pokémon.


The Colosseum is a cold and icy terrain, unlike Rockridge Fort, and where the Battle Tournaments are held.


Available Pokémon

This is a list of all the Pokémon that can be befriended in the Crag Area. The locations listed are where the respective Pokémon is commonly found when first entering the zone, however the Pokémon have free range and may run off when interacting with other Pokémon.

Pokémon Location Skill game Notes Pokémon Location Skill game Notes
On Emboar's post Battle* Befriends the player after rescued from Wish Park  
On a cliff outlooking the mountains None Give her 30 Everflames to befriend
At the entrance to Rockridge Fort Battle  
Walking with Beartic Hide-&-Seek Find him for Beartic to befriend
Walking around on the ground Chase  
Walking around in the snow Battle* Find Cubchoo to befriend him
In front of the gate to the Colosseum Battle Bring back the Darmanitan in its Zen Mode; a Honey Jar is required  
At the snowy slope* None Give 10 Aroma Candles to befriend
Walking around on the ground Battle Settle the dispute between him and Croagunk  
In the lower area of the Colosseum with a berry tree* Battle Defeat Sawk to befriend
Near the entrance to the Crag Zone None Carry Bonsly to the Rockridge Fort  
In the lower area of the Colosseum with a berry tree* Battle
Near the entrance to Rockridge Fort* None Give her 10 Joy Seeds to befriend  
Below the summit None Return his snowball to him
Near the entrance to Rockridge Fort* None Give her a photo of Serperior  
Near a slope covered with snow Battle Soak it with Water Gun
Walking around on the ground Battle Settle the dispute between him and Scraggy  
In a cave with a hot spring* None Carry her out of the cave to befriend
Near the entrance to Rockridge Fort Battle Hit him with Water Gun to make him come out of his shell  
With Rhyperior Battle
On the upper area None Clear away all the boulders to befriend  
Inside the volcano Battle
Rampaging around the upper area of Rockridge Fort Chase  
Flying around the volcano Chase
Near the entrance to Rockridge Fort* None Carry him to the top of Rockridge Fort to befriend  
Outside the arena* Chase
Walking around on the ground Battle  
The Colosseum* Battle
Walking around the arena* Battle  
Walking around the arena Quiz
Walking around in front of Emboar's post* Battle  
Hopping around the arena Chase
At his post Battle*  
In the arena* Battle
Around the ground level* None Talk to Diglett before he completely submerges himself  
At a shrine on a hidden island* Chase
On the upper level of Rockridge Fort* Chase  
Flying around the Rockridge Fort* Battle


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