Companion Mode

Companion Mode is a game mode in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity that allows the player to play as one of their fellow team members and connect with their friends to team up to go on missions in dungeons exclusive to Companion Mode.

The main story will not continue when playing in this mode, however, daily events in-game (like the V-Wave changing) will still occur after completing a mission and thus effect the main story.

The player can't leave Paradise in this mode, therefore, the shops run by Rampardos, Cinccino and Cofagrigus in Post Town are moved to Paradise. Dungeons cannot be accessed through normal means. They can only be entered by doing a request.

In Local Wireless, no players can leave the central hub area (even if to visit the rest of paradise), no Pokémon gain EXP and Paradise Rank-Ups won't occur until Local Wireless ends. Only Player 1 can spin the V-Wheel and select requests off of the request board. However, other players can hand in requests to Azumarill that they had saved for later.

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