Christopher (EP216)

Christopher (Japanese: ツリオ Tsurio) is a character of the day who appeared in Dueling Heroes.


He was the first of Ash's two opponents in the quarterfinal rounds of the Whirl Cup. He appeared to be an experienced Water Pokémon Trainer, as he had attached his Lure Ball to a fishing rod and released his Kingdra by casting the line.

Despite his efforts, Christopher failed to emerge victorious against Ash and his Totodile. Using Bite, Totodile blocked Kingdra from using a Hydro Pump attack. This caused the water to build up inside its body and it got sent flying once Totodile let it go. Ash proceeded to move on to his battle with Misty, while Christopher was eliminated from the competition.


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Christopher's Kingdra first appeared in a battle against Ash and his Totodile in the first round of the Whirl Cup. Christopher used a fishing rod with Kingdra's Lure Ball on the end to haul Kingdra into the battlefield. Totodile tried to dive underwater when Kingdra suddenly used Twister, which hurt Totodile badly. Kingdra used Hydro Pump, which Totodile simply walked across. Just as he was about to use Bite on Kingdra, it suddenly dove underwater. Christopher ordered Kingdra to use Smokescreen, which filled the water and left Kingdra out of sight.

The battle came to a standstill because it was expected that Ash would have Totodile risk it and jump back into the water. Fed up, Christopher told Kingdra to jump up and try another Hydro Pump. Ash, however, told Totodile to use Bite on Kingdra, aiming for the snout. Totodile was successful and plugged up Kingdra's snout, causing all the water in it to hold back. After a while, Totodile released his jaw from Kingdra's snout and Kingdra went flying across the stadium and was not able to battle any longer when it landed.

Kingdra's known moves are Twister, Water Gun, Hydro Pump, and Smokescreen.

Debut Dueling Heroes

Pokémon competitions

Christopher has competed in the following Pokémon competitions:

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 朴璐美 Romi Park
English Lisa Boucher Hartman
Italian Renata Bertolas
Polish Aleksander Gawek
Brazilian Portuguese Figueira Jr.
Spanish Latin America Rolando de la Fuente
Spain Alicia Sainz de la Maza


  • Christopher's Japanese name comes from the word "fishing". When combined with the Japanese name of the episode's other character of the day, Harrison, their names make up "fishing hook".

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