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Chika Fujimura

Chika Fujimura (Japanese: 藤村知可 Fujimura Chika) is a Japanese seiyū for the Pokémon anime.



Fujimura was born on March 28, 1981 in Gifu Prefecture, Japan, and became a seiyū as an adult. Fujimura started work on the Pokémon anime during the Advanced Generation series in AG184, only being credited as ちか Chika. She wouldn't voice another character until DP134 in the Diamond & Pearl series. In the Best Wishes series, she picked up more roles such as the Nurse Joys of the Unova region and the Decolore Islands, as well as Cilan's Pansage. In the Sun & Moon series, Fujimura's major roles are Mallow's Tsareena and Wicke.

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