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アキラ Akira
Akira Horizon.png
Age 12
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Hometown Unknown
Region Alola (originally Kanto)
Trainer class Trainer
Game counterpart Elio, Hau

Akira (Japanese: アキラ Akira) is a main character in the manga series Pokémon Horizon.


Akira Rockruff.png
Rockruff ↔ Lycanroc (Midday & Midnight)
Rockruff is Akira's first known Pokémon.
Debut Journey to a New Horizon


Language Name Origin
Japanese アキラ Akira From the name 明 Akira, which is formed from the characters for sun (日) and moon (月)
English, Spanish Akira Same as his Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 阿明 A Mìhng From the Japanese name 明 Akira

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