Akira (Horizon)

アキラ Akira
Akira Horizon.png
Age 12
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Hometown Unknown
Region Alola (originally Kanto)
Trainer class Trainer

Akira (Japanese: アキラ Akira) is a main character who appeared in Pokémon Horizon.



Rockruff ↔ Lycanroc
Rockruff is Akira's only known Pokémon and partner. Rockruff has a unique ability to evolve into Lycanroc and then devolve into Rockruff again, thanks to the strange red stone on its neck. It also has the ability to change in between its Midday and Midnight Forms while being evolved.

While none of its moves are known, it can perform the Z-Move Breakneck Blitz.

Debut Journey to a New Horizon


Alola trials

This listing is of the trials Akira has cleared in the Alola region:


Language Name Origin
Japanese アキラ Akira From the name 明 Akira, which is formed from the characters for sun (日) and moon (月)
English, French, Spanish Akira Same as his Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 阿明 A Mìhng From the Japanese name 明 Akira

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