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トキオ Tokio
Tokio Horizon.png
Age 16
Gender Male
Eye color Purple
Hair color Purple
Hometown Unknown
Region Alola
Relatives Meja (father)
Trainer class Trainer

Tokio (Japanese: トキオ Tokio) is a main character who appeared in Pokémon Horizon as Akira's rival. His goal is to take over the world after being left alone in the darkness.


Tokio debuts in The Power of Teamwork, though he is formally introduced in Traveling Trainer Tokio, where he saves Akira and Mana from a wild Pangoro. Combining the attacks of his Type: Null and Jangmo-o, he easily defeats his opponent.

Initially appearing to be a friendly person, Tokio decides to battle with Akira. In the process, he shows his true nature, which also affects his Pokémon during the match. Akira manages to defeat Tokio but not before delivering a violent blow to his own Pokémon. Defeated, he leaves, abandoning Jangmo-o.

In Rockfuff's Secret, Tokio is seen talking to a mysterious person.

In Attack on the Headquarters, Tokio watches Akira's battle against Napo from a distance. As soon as Akira wins, Tokio appears, provoking his rival.


On hand


Type: Null → Silvally
Type: Null is Tokio's first known Pokémon and main Pokémon. It appears for the first time fighting a Pangoro next to its Trainer. Whenever Tokio shows his violent nature, Type: Null copies his actions, attacking a Pokémon injured in battle.

When Tokio joins Akira and Mana to battle Team Kings, Type: Null joins forces with Akira's Lycanroc and Mana's Decidueye. During the final confrontation against Meja, Type: Null evolves into Silvally as Tokio's last resort against Meja's Incineroar.

Finally, when the crisis is resolved, and with Tokio enraged, Akira and Tokio use their Pokémon in a definitive battle. Silvally is finally defeated after Lycanroc uses its Z-Move.

When Tokio realizes his actions and returns to himself, he reconciles with his Pokémon.

Debut Traveling Trainer Tokio


Jangmo-o is Tokio's second known Pokémon. It is used in a battle against Akira's Rockruff, but is defeated after a tough match. When Tokio reveals his true nature, the Dragon Pokémon goes out of control, but once again, it is defeated. At the end of the battle, Tokio decides to abandon him, which makes Akira furious.
Debut Traveling Trainer Tokio


Tokio assumes the power of Lunala when he is consumed by the evil side. During his last battle with Akira, he uses it against Lycanroc. In the end, Lunala ends up abandoning Tokio, who then regains consciousness.
Debut To a New Horizon


Language Name Origin
Japanese トキオ Tokio From 時雄 tokio, man of time
English, French, Spanish Tokio Same as his Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 時雄 Sìhhùhng From the Japanese name 時雄 Tokio

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