Active Healing (Skill)

Active Healing (Japanese: 技使用時HP回復 HP Recovery when Using a Move) is a family of skills in Pokémon Masters EX. It restores the user's HP by a small amount when the user successfully uses a move.

Active Healing 技使用時HP回復
HP Recovery when Using a Move
Flavor text
Passive Skill
Restores the user's HP when it uses a move.



This skill has a chance to activate when the user successfully uses a move, restoring the user's HP by 6.3%. The chance for this skill to trigger is increased by 10% multiplied by the Skill rank Value + 1.

This skill affects the following:

  • Moves - Pokémon moves, including   Buddy moves, and Trainer moves
Skill rank Increase
Active Healing 1 20%
Active Healing 2 30%
Active Healing 3 40%
Active Healing 4 50%
Active Healing 5 60%
Active Healing 6 70%
Active Healing 7 80%
Active Healing 8 90%
Active Healing 9 100%


Active Healing 9

Sync pairs (Sync Grid - yellow tiles)


In other languages

Language Title
  Japanese 技使用時HP回復 Waza Shiyō-ji HP Kaifuku
Mandarin Chinese 使出招式時HP回復 Shǐchū Zhāoshì shí HP Huífù
  French Capacité Util. Soin
  German Attackenheilung
  Italian Uso mossacura
  Korean 기술사용시HP회복 Gisul Sayong-si HP Hoebok
  Spanish Movimiento Curativo

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