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Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire
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Gone Corphishin'
AG023   EP297
Roughneck of the Sea, Heigani Enters!
First broadcast
Japan May 1, 2003
United States February 21, 2004
English themes
Opening I Wanna Be a Hero
Japanese themes
Opening アドバンス・アドベンチャー
Ending ポルカ・オ・ドルカ
Animation Team Ota
Screenplay 冨岡淳広 Atsuhiro Tomioka
Storyboard よこた和 Kazu Yokota
Assistant director 大町繁 Shigeru Ōmachi
Animation director 徳田夢之介 Yumenosuke Tokuda
Additional credits

Gone Corphishin' (Japanese: 海辺の暴れ者、ヘイガニ登場! Roughneck of the Sea, Heigani Enters!) is the 23rd episode of Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire, and the 297th episode of the Pokémon anime. It was first broadcast in Japan on May 1, 2003, and in the United States on February 21, 2004.

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The episode opens with Team Rocket lounging on the beach when suddenly a mysterious creature zooms along the beach and launches Team Rocket out of sight. Later on, Ash and his friends are relaxing and doing their laundry on the same beach. Ash is busy teaching his Pokémon how to meditate. The unnamed creature from before begins to carry off the gang's tent. Wurmple uses String Shot to try to stop it, but is unsuccessful and the creature escapes.

Everyone is speculating what kind of Pokémon the creature could be and Ash decides he wants to catch it. Later on, Team Rocket sees the creature speeding down the beach again and try to go after it, but have a run-in with a Loudred. Ash and the gang set out Pokémon food to attract the elusive Pokémon and end up being chased by it instead. They get split up, but the attacker is thwarted by Pikachu's Thundershock. The next morning, Brock asks his Forretress to make a large hole so that they can catch the creature. The only thing they end up catching is Team Rocket. The mysterious Pokémon then emerges and sends Team Rocket blasting off again. Pikachu takes the opportunity to use Quick Attack on it and they discover that the troublesome Pokémon is a Corphish. Brock advises Ash to catch the Corphish to use against Brawly, but the Corphish is too strong for Pikachu. Treecko eventually saves the day and Ash gets to add Corphish to his team.


James and Meowth proclaim that it is a great day to steal Pikachu. However, Jessie just wants to relax as she lies on a lounge chair in the shade of a beach umbrella. They begin to complain, but she continues to relax, taking a sip of her tropical beverage. Tensions escalate as Wobbuffet stretches out on another chair. While they fight, a strange creature speeds towards the beach from the ocean. Jessie notices it and screams. The mysterious creature rams them from under the sand, sending Team Rocket flying before it burrows into the ground and away from the scene.

As the morning sun radiates over Dewford Island, Ash declares it is a perfect day for training in preparation for his rematch against Brawly. As Lotad waddles up with some water, he and Pikachu begin to wash their faces. May and Max sit at a nearby table brushing their teeth while Brock and Torchic start a fire to prepare a stew. Ash releases his Taillow and Treecko, and they, along with Pikachu, begin to meditate on the shoreline. Ash starts to explain to his Pokémon the importance of meditating, and for them to think about winning their upcoming rematch. Max sits at the edge of a pool of water washing clothes, and Forretress collects and dries the clothes with Rapid Spin. Max thanks it before bringing the washing over to May to hang on the line. May is curious about Ash's meditation, and Brock informs her that meditating is actually a form of training, as it improves the patience of Ash and his Pokémon for their battles.

A large wave approaches the shore. Taillow begins to freak out, but Ash tells it to keep meditating, stating that learning how to sense the waves might just be the key to beating Brawly and his surfing techniques. Taillow shuts its eyes and continues to meditate as Ash listens intently. As the wave grows larger and nearer, Ash orders them all to get out of the way. However, the wave proves too quick, leaving Ash and his Pokémon soaked. May and Max complain about Ash's training and that they're stuck doing all the laundry. Brock replies that training isn't always about Pokémon. Ash and his Pokémon return to their practice. This time they all get up in time, except for Treecko who doesn't open its eyes in time. Ash cannot understand why Treecko didn't move, but he swipes back at May's comment and suggests she try practicing for her Pokémon Contests. Max turns to his sister and asks if she is ready. As Brock brings the group some tea, May leaps up and says she has been practicing her entrance. She spins around and sends out Torchic and Wurmple. The two begin to play around, but May comments that they have to learn to be more graceful, and she recites her dance routine. Max points out that Coordinators can't let out two Pokémon at the same time in Pokémon Contests, and Brock adds it will not be a good idea for May to dance around like that since in Pokémon Contests the focus is always placed on the Pokémon. May admits that she wasn't aware of the rules and was focused on her choreography, which she based on Steven's smooth battle style.

Suddenly, they all notice that the tent is walking away. The group gives chase and Ash orders Pikachu to shock it, but Brock stops him and explains that an Electric attack might set the tent ablaze. The menace soon crashes into a tree and it begins to flee underground. May tells Wurmple to stop it with String Shot, but as it tries to reel it in, Wurmple is pulled along. Treecko grabs on to help, but it is also dragged forward. Ash and the others all grab the thread and start to heave, but the creature drags them along the beach. It soon retreats to the water, causing everyone to fall in. Once everyone's clothes are hung up to dry, Ash stands on the beach covered in sand. They inspect the damaged tent and the ruined rice balls that litter the beach, wondering what could have done such a thing. The group speculates about who the culprit might be. Brock begins to sew the tent up while exclaiming that a Pokémon that could pull all of them like that must be really strong, but May just thinks it is scary. Ash declares that he wants to catch it. Brock and Max agree to help, but May just sighs.

Meanwhile, up on a cliff, Team Rocket is recovering from their earlier blast off. Jessie remarks that the menace hasn't seen the last of Team Rocket. Wobbuffet pops out at the edge of the cliff and Jessie turns to recall it in exasperation. She notices the mysterious creature speeding up the beach under the sand, and she points it out to her teammates. Jessie sets off on foot to get her revenge, but accidentally steps on a sleeping Loudred. Jessie steps back and freaks out as the Pokémon angrily wakes up. It lets out a cry which sends Team Rocket sky high.

That night, Ash and his friends sit by some bushes and wait for the mysterious creature to take their bait. May complains that she is tired and wants to go to bed, but Ash refuses to sleep. Max angers May with a smart-mouthed comment and she begins to hug him tightly because she is scared. Pikachu hears something and Ash asks if the creature is close. As they wait, Ash suddenly hears something behind him, but it is too late. The creature smashes into them, sending them all flying onto the beach. It continues its pursuit, prompting the group to split up. It sets its sights on May as she runs screaming in fear. Ash turns around and tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt. It hits, but the menace quickly disappears underground without a trace.

The following morning, Ash and his friends are slumped against the tent in exhaustion. May cries out that they should not waste their time catching it and demands they move to another camping spot. However, the others disagree, keen to find out what the mysterious creature is. Ash adds that he saw a red "horn" protrude from the sand after it was hit by Pikachu's earlier attack. He quotes one of Professor Oak's poems, admitting that the culprit is likely to return once again. The group heads back to the beach and Brock has Forretress make several huge holes in the sand with Rapid Spin. Ash explains that they are going to utilize pitfall traps on the creature. The tactic instantly reminds May and Max of Team Rocket's classic trick. Everyone proceeds to cover the holes with leaves and sand.

That night, the group waits in the bushes again while watching the Pokémon food. Ash alerts everyone as four large bunches of seaweed emerge from the water. They walk up and begin to eat the Pokémon food. Brock says the plan is working and he sets some more food on a nearby rock. One of the seaweed bunches spies this and they head towards the new food, only to fall into a hole. The group approaches, only to discover that they have snagged Team Rocket. As Jessie and James begin their motto, May and Max interrupt, lambasting them for going through with it despite their compromising situation, causing Team Rocket to shamefully cower in the hole. Suddenly, the creature emerges from the hole and smashes into Team Rocket, sending them blasting off again. The creature slides up the side of the pitfall and heads towards the bait, but Pikachu uses Quick Attack to send it flying out of the sand. It lands with a thud and is revealed to be a Corphish, a Pokémon that Ash recognizes from an earlier fishing encounter.

Ash scans him with the Pokédex, and Brock adds that territorial behavior is a classic trait of Corphish. Ash reiterates his desire to catch Corphish, fully aware of his incredible speed and power. He sends in Pikachu as Corphish gets up. Max thinks the battle will be easy for Ash, as Corphish is at a disadvantage due to being a Water type. Pikachu starts with Thunderbolt, but Corphish dodges and uses Bubble Beam and then burrows into the sand, leaving Pikachu confused. Corphish soon emerges, sending Pikachu flying into the air. As he descends, Pikachu tries to use Iron Tail, but Corphish catches him with his pincers and chucks him at Ash. Brock remarks that this Corphish is stronger than anticipated and that Ash has a challenge on his hands. Ash agrees and calls on Treecko for assistance. Ash tells Treecko to meditate, and it closes its eyes and stands there. Max and May are astounded by the tactic, but Brock reassures them that Ash has a plan. The sun begins to rise and Corphish becomes impatient. He uses Bubble Beam, but Ash tells Treecko to hit the bubbles away. It uses Pound to break through the attack. Corphish begins to steam and rushes in for a Crabhammer, but Treecko lashes back with a Quick Attack, sending the Corphish flying. Treecko follows up with Pound and Corphish lands on the ground. Ash throws a Poké Ball and successfully catches Corphish. Brock commends Ash on his strategy of using Corphish's own impatience against him, while Max adds that at least Ash has learned from his earlier Dewford Gym loss. Ash calls Corphish out and kneels down to introduce himself. Corphish smiles and shakes his hand, but ends up tossing Ash in the process. Everyone laughs at Corphish's overwhelming strength before going over to check if Ash is okay.

Major events

Ash after catching Corphish
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Pokémon debuts




Who's That Pokémon?

Who's That Pokémon?: Shroomish


  • Advance Adventure is used as background music.
  • The English title is a pun on the phrase "gone fishing".
  • Team Rocket breaks the fourth wall at the beginning of the episode when they shout, "We're blasting off too soon!"
  • While digging the pitfalls, Brock explains in the English dub that the holes should work after all the "years" he and Ash had been falling into Team Rocket's traps. It is unknown exactly how many years had passed since the beginning of the anime, though it is also possible he is breaking the fourth wall in terms of years the anime has run.


  • When Brock and Ash are talking about Team Rocket's traps, the white semicircle on Ash's shirt is missing.
  • When Corphish rips the tent, Brock is shown patching the tent up. However, in the morning, the tent is completely fixed with no patches.

Dub edits

  • May mentioned that her practice Pokémon Contest routine was based on Steven Stone, rather than Brawly like in the original.
  • Ash's poem is one of Professor Oak's in both versions, but is one of his "Pokémon senryū" in the original. It uses a pun with Sandslash, thus the picture shown during it.

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