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Joined 31 March 2010
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Sean Bradley Wheeler is a new user to Bulbapedia. Although he's been on the site alot, being one of his favorite sites, he reads it long before he got his account.

Pokemon Gold Version

I got Pokemon Gold for my 8th birthday. Because it runs on an internal battery it lost the ability to save.

Pokemon FireRed Version

I got FireRed for my 12th birthday. my character's name is Sean and I named my rival Gary. I play as the boy and started with Charmander. I got 8 badges got, the national dex and completed the network machine.


{{party |color=FF1111|headcolor=11BB11|bordorcolor=1111FF |sprite=FRLG Red.png |prize=PokémonDollar.png999999 |class=PKMN Trainer |name=Sean |game=[[Pokémon FireRed and {{{2}}} Versions|FireRed, {{{2}}}]], and [[Pokémon {{{3}}} Version |{{{3}}}]] |location=Pallet Town |pokemon=6 |pokemon1={{Pokemon |gen=3 |game=FireRed and LeafGreen |ndex=006 |pokemon=Charizard |gender=male |ability=blaze |level=100 |type1=Fire |type2=Flying |move1=Flamethrower |move1type=Fire |move2=Fly |move2type=Flying |move3=Strength |move3type=Normal |move4=Cut |move4type=Normal |pokemon2={{pokemon |gen=3 |game=FireRed and LeafGreen