Hi, I'm Sean Bradley Wheeler. I've been contributing to Bulbapedia since 2010. Bulbapedia was my first wiki site I've logged into, and since then, I've been to a lot of wiki sites, many of which are on Wikia.


Pokémon Gold Version

I got Gold for my 8th birthday. Because it runs on an internal battery it lost the ability to save.

Pokémon Crystal Version

I had Crystal, but I lost the cartridge a long time ago.

Pokémon Sapphire Version

I got Sapphire for my 10th birthday. My current player is a girl named Karly even though my sister's name is Tina. No i'm not related to the Bulbapedia user with that name (why is that name so common?). I started with a Torchic.


Pokémon FireRed Version

I got FireRed for my 12th birthday. my character's name is Sean and I named my rival Gary. I play as the boy and started with Charmander. I have all 8 badges, an incomplete National Pokédex and I completed the network machine sidequest.


Pokémon Emerald Version

I got Emerald from Grandma on Christmas 2005. My player is a boy named Sean. Tina (wow these common names are confusing.) doesn't play it as much as my other Pokémon games. I started with a Torchic.


Pokémon White Version

During Tina's (my sister, not the Bulbapedian) college days in Iowa State University, she obtained a Nintendo DSi and a copy of White


Pokémon White Version 2

I went to Gamestop at the mall and got White 2.


Pokémon Diamond Version

I bought Diamond at Half-Price Books. Yeah, I played Gen 4 after 5.



Here are some wikis you can find me at.


I've been to some affiliates.


Yes, I'm a Wikia contributor. I know there are some who don't like Wikia, but we have our own opinions, Wikia has taught me a lot and this is my personal userpage. Here are some of my favorite Wikia wikis. At least I prefer Bulbapedia over The Pokémon Wiki.