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Somek (Japanese: バトラス Battlus) is the final Trainer of Mt. Battle in Pokémon Colosseum. He is known as the Mt.BtlMaster.

He is a huge, muscular Bodybuilder with one of the strongest teams in Story Mode. Upon being defeated, he gives the player 1200 Poké Coupons, but tells him not to be content with his current level of training and always strive to be better.

In battle, he favors Earthquake, as well as using Pokémon that are immune to it, either by being Flying-type, or by having Levitate as their Ability.



  • Before battle
"Welcome! So good of you to come! I'm Somek, the final trainer of Mt. Battle! Now show me the results of your training. Don't hold anything back!"
  • Being defeated
  • After being defeated
"This is fantastic! I say fantastic! You had to defeat me! Now, I'd like you to have this!"
"And for your Pokémon that battled so fantastically, I have some commemorative Ribbons."
"Congratulations! But don't be content with this! Don't neglect your training!"


  • Somek's Japanese name, Battlus, is the same name as the Mt BtlMaster in Pokémon XD in both Japanese and English. Battlus in XD also strongly resembles Somek, having only added a mustache, so it is highly likely they are the same person. Both men also use highly similar strategies, particularly combinations based around Earthquake.

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png European French Virak
Germany Flag.png German Duelas
Italy Flag.png Italian Egisto
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Some

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