Suddenly Suicune I/VS. Suicune (Part I)
VS スイクンI
VS. Suikun (Part I)
Chapter Gold, Silver & Crystal
Collected in Vol. 11
Round number 130
Location Tin Tower
Previous Round Great Girafarig
Next Round Suddenly Suicune II

Suddenly Suicune I/VS. Suicune (Part I) (Japanese: VS スイクンI VS. Suikun (Part I)) is the 130th round of the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Crystal tries the door of the Burned Tower, only to discover that it is locked. She decides to try entering from above and flies up onto the top with Natee and Eusine's Electrode. She looks at the ruins of most of Ecruteak City. Then Crystal has a sense that Suicune is at the top of the Tin Tower. She flies upwards and sees Suicune standing on one of the top floors of the Tin Tower. She tells the legendary Pokémon that she has been searching for it, but whenever she had thought that she had found it, it was not the real Suicune. This time, she says, she knows it is the real one. Then she prepares to battle it, sending out all of her Pokémon. Bonee uses Bonemerang, which is dodged by Suicune, but Crystal says that this is part of her plan. The Bonemerang reverses direction, surprising Suicune, although it is dodged again. Parasee uses Spore. Suicune uses Gust to blow away the spores, but it still has some on it. Suicune jumps off the tower towards a pond, but Monlee jumps and falls past Suicune, using Mega Punch on the ground, which fractures, throwing Suicune into the air and battering it with boulders. Crystal kicks a Heavy Ball at Suicune, hitting it.

Meanwhile, Eusine prepares to fly with his Jumpluff, but hears a chiming coming from Harry.

Major events

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