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Vladimir the Attacker (Japanese: ジンベイ Jinbei), who is also known as Ralph, is a Pokémon Trainer who resides in Lilycove City. He appeared in Pokéblock, Stock and Berry and Lessons in Lilycove.



After battling Winona, Ash was eager to teach his Swellow how to use Aerial Ace. However, he was not having very good luck with it. Then Vladimir the Attacker approached Ash. An expert on Flying Pokémon, he decided to help teach Ash all about Aerial Ace.

Using his Pidgeotto, Vladimir demonstrated the correct way to use Aerial Ace. He set up a bunch of targets and told Ash he had to try to get Swellow to hit them. Ash had Swellow try this multiple times. Eventually, it got the move down perfectly. Ash thanked Vladimir for all of his help and continued on with his friends to Mossdeep City.

Ash and Max hold Vladimir in high respect, and even bow down to him.


Vladimir's Pidgeotto
Vladimir's Pidgeotto was used in his example to show Ash and his Swellow how to use Aerial Ace correctly.

Pidgeotto's only known move is Aerial Ace.

Debut Pokéblock, Stock, and Berry

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 高木渉 Wataru Takagi
English Pete Zarustica
Finnish Veeti Kallio
Hebrew עדי וייס Adi Weiss
European Spanish José Escobosa


  • His English name comes from the posthumous moniker of Vlad III: Vlad the Impaler.
    • His Japanese name may derive from Yagyū Jūbei, a famous samurai as Aerial Ace's Japanese name (つばめがえし, Swallow Return) is based on a sword technique used by Sasaki Kojirō, another famous swordsman.

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