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About Me

Hey, I am a relatively new member here, so please don't hate me if I screw up. If anyone can help me make a better HP here, please let me know, because I really hate hand coding now that I've got Dreamweaver CS3. I am in Utah, going to college at Neumont University in Sandy/South Jordan, so if anybody knows where in hell that is, let me know, because I could always do with meeting new people.


If it seems like I go on and on sometimes, I'll tell you now: I do. I am a very opinionated person, and I have a lot to say. If you don't like what I do say, don't act like flamebait; just leave, because I don't want to waste time sorting through crap here.


I will post anything relevant on my talk page if it is subject to time, or change in general. This is more of a "reference of me" kind of place.


Well, I'd say that having a username here makes one major pastime self-evident, but aside from that:

-My username should make it obvious that I have seen through GLADOS's promises of cake and therapy

-WH40k (Space Marines)

-Wii (Mostly LoZ:TP until Brawl comes out, although BattleRev is worth getting too)

-Gamecube (Yes, I still have one, or the games/controllers at least)


I don't exactly know if Bulbapedia has any policies like the Serebii Gestapo do, but I DO have Pokésav, and an Action Replay, so if you have any requests for Pokémon, items, or anything else transferable via WiFi, or if you are in range of me physically (see above) I can basically change anything about your game.

My Stance On Cheating

My stance on it is that it only speeds up the inevitable: you could spend months on end of selective breeding to obtain your ultimate fighting machine, or you could save yourself lots of time, energy, and frustration, and just skip the process. As long as it's stats, moveset, etc. are naturally obtainable, I have no problem with "hacked" Pokémon. If you do have an issue with it, please do everyone a favor and get over it! I mean, how can you tell the difference between a legitimate Pokémon and one that was cheated in? When you can point out which ONE of my team was not legit, THEN I'll give you some credit, but until then stop griping. And that, ladies and gentlemen is my stance on cheating in Pokémon.