User:TehPerson/List of Battle Tower Trainers (Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl)

This is a list of all the opponents that can be encountered in the Battle Tower in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.


In the regular Battle Rooms, the opponents that can be encountered depend on the player's current set. There are seven sets that the player progress through their win streak, with increasing difficulty:

  • Set 1: Battles 1 to 7
  • Set 2: Battles 8 to 14
  • Set 3: Battles 15 to 21
  • Set 4: Battels 22 to 28
  • Set 5: Battles 29 to 35
  • Set 6: Battles 36 to 42
  • Set 7: Battles 43 to 49

At each set, there is a different pool of Trainers; most Trainer can appear in multiple sets, but they will use different teams depending on the current set. Once the player completes Set 7, the next challenge will be back at Set 1, and the BP reward will also reset to the Set 1 amount. However, the player's current win streak will continue to increase until a loss.

In Master Class Battles, the player's win streak does not influence the first six battles of a challenge. Instead, a rank system is used, which only determines the Battle Room's boss on the seventh battle.

List of Trainers

The following lists all the regular Trainers that can appear in a Battle Tower challenge.

In Master Class Double Battles, the player battles two opponents at a time, each using two Pokémon. These opponent pairs are listed separately.

See also: User:TehPerson/List of Battle Tower Trainers (Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl)/Master Class Double Battles
Trainer class Name Single Battle Double Battle
Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5 Set 6 Set 7 Master Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5 Set 6 Set 7 Master
Youngster Lloyd
Youngster Ben
Youngster Ezekiel
Lass Elory
Lass Jenny
Lass Arianna
School Kid Chaz
School Kid Everett
School Kid Lamont
School Kid Glorya
School Kid Toni
School Kid Cecilia
Rich Boy Milton
Rich Boy Cortez
Rich Boy Jaden
Lady Camille
Lady Tiana
Lady Marina
Camper Nestor
Camper Houston
Camper Clark
Picnicker Esther
Picnicker Nichole
Picnicker Martha
Tuber Vernon
Tuber Clifton
Tuber Rick
Tuber Ellen
Tuber Aimee
Tuber Tyra
Guitarist Arnold
Guitarist Marcel
Guitarist Irvin
Idol Elena
Idol Viv
Idol Selena
Poké Fan Tate
Poké Fan Brooks
Poké Fan Dusty
Poké Fan Brandy
Poké Fan Marie
Poké Fan Imani
Waiter Darin
Waiter Duane
Waiter Gerard
Waitress Carissa
Waitress Cassie
Waitress Alexia
Bug Catcher Fred
Bug Catcher Kenyon
Bug Catcher Jaleel
Ninja Boy Colt
Ninja Boy Trever
Ninja Boy Will
Poké Kid Lillian
Poké Kid Ruth
Poké Kid Janelle
Fisher Bennett
Fisher Braxton
Ruin Maniac Winston
Ruin Maniac Gino
Collector Jamison
Collector Davis
Parasol Lady Mikaela
Parasol Lady Sharon
Parasol Lady Mia
Beauty Barbara
Beauty Stacy
Beauty Alena
Aroma Lady Sadie
Aroma Lady Kierra
Aroma Lady Nikki
Guitarist Herbert
Guitarist Jimmie
Bird Keeper Shayla
Bird Keeper Tierra
Bird Keeper Elise
Sailor Kerry
Sailor Reuben
Hiker Madison
Hiker Don
Idol Alana
Idol Carla
Idol Liliana
Jogger Keon
Jogger Jovan
Worker Kade
Worker Antwan
Rancher Sheldon
Rancher Ezra
Rancher Pierce
Cowgirl Shawna
Cowgirl Annie
Cowgirl Rose
Cameraman Rory
Cameraman Codey
Cameraman Sammy
Reporter Valeria
Reporter Shanice
Reporter Callie
Cyclist Cordell
Cyclist Kaden
Cyclist Devin
Cyclist Karissa
Black Belt Kolby
Black Belt Jonas
Veteran Leslie
Scientist Jerrod
Black Belt Irving
Pokémon Breeder Lester
Psychic Jasper
Pokémon Breeder Larissa
Clown Benito
Clown Jesse
Pokémon Breeder Nico
Roughneck Donnell
Ace Trainer Herman
Psychic Aliyah
Pokémon Breeder Sonia
Veteran Santos
Psychic Tina
Madame Brianne
Battle Girl Pamela
Madame Kate
Gentleman Grady
Psychic Stewart
Psychic Kolton
Black Belt Vaughn
Gentleman Jackie
Pokémon Ranger Bradly
Dragon Tamer Codie
Youngster Tobias
Youngster Reese
Pokémon Ranger Cyril
Dragon Tamer Erich
Ace Trainer Lincoln
Dragon Tamer Garett
Lass Donna
Bug Catcher Daulton
Ace Trainer Alaina
School Kid Floyd
School Kid Allyson
Ace Trainer Harold
School Kid Ciara
Lass McKenna
Veteran Cruz
Ace Trainer Regina
Battle Girl Daniela
Pokémon Ranger Macy
School Kid Vance
Pokémon Ranger Kira
Ace Trainer Natalia
Ace Trainer Donnie
Pokémon Ranger Breana
Madame Chelsie
Bug Catcher Aric
Dragon Tamer Rhett
Ace Trainer Jane
Pokémon Breeder Pierre
Roughneck Royce
Battle Girl Melinda
Black Belt Gene
Rich Boy Quinten
Scientist August
Pokémon Ranger Darrian
Lady Kali
Battle Girl Lorena
Rich Boy Elmer
Battle Girl Eva
Lady Christy
Ace Trainer Myron
Ace Trainer Sasha
Ninja Boy Elisha
Ninja Boy Josef
Pokémon Breeder Kylee
Psychic Melody
Idol Kyla
Guitarist Markell
Camper Leland
Fisher Bronson
Sailor Bernard
Jogger Rico
Bird Keeper Skylar
Ruin Maniac Trace
Picnicker Serena
Guitarist Marquez
Collector Josh
Picnicker Kyra
Poké Kid Tracy
Idol Claudia
Hiker Jessy
PI Emmett
Jogger Dan
Policeman Rex
Fisher Camden
Bird Keeper Paula
PI Quincy
Policeman Tyron
Collector Jim
Guitarist Tayler
Camper Justyn
Poké Kid Juliana
Idol Kari
Poké Fan Ted
Ruin Maniac Rocky
Guitarist Tory
Idol Maranda
Hiker Stetson
Poké Fan Cecil
Poké Fan Selina
Sailor Hugh
Ace Trainer Dallin
Psychic Clyde
Pokémon Breeder Blair
Rancher Kellen
Pokémon Breeder Emilee
Black Belt Daron
Madame Kailey
Psychic Clara
Madame Mayra
Rancher Alton
Ace Trainer Cortney
Cowgirl Margot
Cowgirl Sophie
Ace Trainer Jayden
Psychic Alma
Poké Fan Carley
Ace Trainer Ellis
Ace Trainer Celina
Pokémon Ranger Darcy
Psychic Gunner
Veteran Antony
Pokémon Breeder Tiffani
Pokémon Ranger Denver
Black Belt Benny
Ace Trainer Abbey
Veteran Mikel
Pokémon Breeder Harvey
Pokémon Ranger Rusty
Dragon Tamer Hernan
Dragon Tamer Alonso
Ace Trainer Irene
Battle Girl Sylvia
Pokémon Ranger Joy
Ace Trainer Lionel
Battle Girl Kristy
Waiter Kelby
Waiter Kevon
Waitress Kaila
Waitress Jaime
Cameraman Barrett
Cameraman Jess
Reporter Johanna
Reporter Josie
Cyclist Demetri
Cyclist Lyle
Cyclist Kristi
Cyclist Mariana
PI Auston
PI Coby
Idol Sidney
Idol Elaine
Jogger Sherman
Jogger Ryne
Fisher Turner
Fisher Bryon
Sailor Cain
Sailor Kegan
Hiker Aldo
Hiker Andreas
Ruin Maniac Jaylin
Ruin Maniac Titus
Guitarist Tyrell
Guitarist Dalvin
Collector Edmund
Collector Kelton
Roughneck Brant
Roughneck Aidan
Scientist Carlo
Scientist Jarred
Gentleman Jerrell
Gentleman Kennedy
Worker Hans
Worker Layne
Clown River
Clown Kendel
Policeman Kenton
Policeman Tavon
PI Chester
PI Codi
Bird Keeper Allie
Bird Keeper Anissa
Parasol Lady Christa
Parasol Lady Madelyn
Beauty Jaclyn
Beauty Noelle
Aroma Lady Haylee
Aroma Lady Nadia
Idol Yvette
Idol Tasha

Battle Tower Trainers

Ace TrainerAroma LadyBattle GirlBeautyBird KeeperBlack BeltBug CatcherCameraman
CamperClownCollectorCowgirlCyclistDragon TamerFisherGentleman
GuitaristHikerIdolJoggerLadyLassMadameNinja BoyParasol LadyPIPicnicker
Poké FanPoké KidPokémon BreederPokémon RangerPolicemanPsychicRancher
ReporterRich BoyRoughneckRuin ManiacSailorSchool KidScientist
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