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Joined 1 March 2020

Hello, fellow Pokémon fans! My name is Rilieeka, and I have been a Pokémon fan since I was seven years old. I love to write books and stories, and when I got my first computer, I decided to go ahead and merge my two interests into one by joining Bulbapedia. Whenever I see something that I believe needs to be fixed, I will edit it. I am a completionist by heart, so I will normally check back on Bulbapedia every so often to see where various items and Pokémon can be found. When I'm not on Bulbapedia, playing Pokémon, or writing, I like to watch YouTube videos, read books, chill outside, and go on campouts with my Boy Scout troop. Thank you for reading this, and be sure to have a bee-YEW-tiful day!