パラぴょん Parapyon
Bag Poké Ball SV Sprite.png
Crystal's Parasect
Debuts in Slugging It Out with Slugma
Caught at Mt. Mortar
Gender Female
Ability Dry Skin
Nature Brave
Current location With Crystal
This Pokémon is fully evolved.

Parasee (Japanese: パラぴょん Parapyon) is one of the Pokémon owned by Crystal in the Pokémon Adventures manga. As of With a Little Help From Hitmonchan, she is level 75 and her Characteristic is "takes plenty of siestas."


Gold, Silver & Crystal arc

Parasee and Crystal

Crystal first met Parasee when she was training to be a capture pro. It is there where an Arcanine was rampaging out of control due to an eye injury. Due to this, Crystal fell and broke her arms. After waking up she saw a Parasect and Cubone, who had used Spore to numb her pain and bones to make a makeshift cast. After assessing the situation they led Crystal to the Arcanine and she managed to calm him down, using Parasect's spores to help heal him. Crystal then adds them to her team.

Parasee first showed up in Slugging It Out with Slugma alongside Crystal's other Pokémon to help prove her capturing skills to Professor Oak.

In Indubitably Ditto, Parasee used Spore over a long range in order to stop the Team Rocket Elite Trio from chasing Suicune, allowing Crystal to get to it first.

In Suddenly Suicune I, Parasee battled Suicune to try and help Crystal capture it. Parasee used Spore to put Suicune to sleep. Suicune pushes some of the spores away with Gust but fails to remove them completely. With no other choice Suicune jumps for the pond below them, but Monlee jumps and falls past Suicune and uses Mega Punch on the ground. The attack fractures the ground, throwing Suicune into the air and battering it with boulders. Despite all the damage Suicune ends up escaping in the end.

In Slick Slowking, Parasee battled against Sham and Carl alongside Gold's Sunbo. The two attack with Giga Drain, sapping the health of their opponents and knocking them out. After the battle the Trainers realize they are trapped inside, and Parasee uses the powders inside her body to create a powder that will cause corrosion. Once done she combines the mixture with Sludge Bomb, melting the door and allowing them to escape.

Emerald arc

In The Final Battle II, Parasee was seen helping stop Guile Hideout from escaping.

HeartGold & SoulSilver arc

In Pleased as Punch With Parasect, Parasee used her spores to heal Silver of his wounds. She healed him again later in All About Arceus V.

Personality and characteristics

Parasee is a gentle and caring Pokémon, shown when she took care of Crystal after she broke her arms. She is also very brave, never backing down from a bad situation. She has a star-shaped marking on her mushroom.

Moves used

Using Sweet Scent
Move First Used In
Spore Slugging it Out with Slugma
Sweet Scent Jumping Jumpluff*
Giga Drain Slick Slowking
Sludge Bomb Lugia and Ho-Oh on the Loose (Part 1)
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

Moves improvised

Picture First Used In Moves Involved Partnered With
  Lively Larvitar Spore or Sludge Bomb None
Description: Parasee is able to use the spores inside her body to create different kinds of powders, which can be used for sleep, recovery, stunning, and poison. These powders can be combined into her attacks, making her much more powerful and versatile. Parasee can control the strength and distance of the spores.


Language Name Origin
Japanese パラぴょん Parapyon From パラセクト Parasect
English Parasee From Parasect
Spanish Parapeon From Parasect
Korean 파라뿅 Parappyong From 파라섹트 Parasect
Chinese (Mandarin) 派拉蹦跳 Pàilābèngtiào From 派拉斯特 Pàilāsītè (Parasect)
Vietnamese Parapyon Transliteration of his Japanese name

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