Jumping Jumpluff/VS Jumpluff
VS ワタッコ
VS Watacco
Chapter Gold, Silver & Crystal
Collected in Vol. 10
Round number 126
Location Route 39
Team Rocket HQ
Previous Round Misdreavus Misgivings
Next Round Miltank Melee

Jumping Jumpluff or VS Jumpluff (Japanese: VS ワタッコ VS Watacco) is the 126th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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While riding on Archy, Professor Oak explains to Crystal how to use to the Pokégear to track a Pokémon. Afterwards, Crystal manages to track down Suicune and quickly follows it to Route 39. Despite having her team spread out in order to help search for Suicune, Crystal quickly finds that Suicune has moved to a new area. As soon as she decides to rest for the night, she hears something moving behind her. She tells Natee, to find it. Then, she asks Parasee to hide themselves, and lure out the Pokémon, with Sweet Scent. With a glance, Crystal notices that the mysterious Pokémon might be Suicune, and checks her Pokégear. Confirming that the Pokémon is indeed Suicune, she sets out to capture it.

Despite being lured out by Parasee's Sweet Scent, Suicune returns to the grass. In order to bring it out, Crystal tells Monlee to use Mach Punch, causing Suicune to run in a different direction. She then tells Monlee to continue using Mach Punch in the direction that Suicune runs. Soon, most of the grass is cleared away, and Crystal returns all of her team, except for Natee, back into their Poké Balls. She uses Natee to fly over the route in order to throw her team into different sections of the route, hoping at least one of them will find Suicune.

Archy jumps to a place where Crystal assumes Suicune is. However, it quickly is taken down by an electrical attack. Once she heads to Archy's area, she discovers that it is not Suicune that she found, but Eusine and his Electrode. Eusine was also looking for Suicune, and soon they both realize that they had been chasing each other, and that Suicune had escaped to another area. Eusine reveals that he had been using a Suicune hologram in order to attract it to the area. As Crystal is also searching for Suicune, he declares her his rival, stating that he would not hold back on her simply because she is a girl. He then throws down a smoke ball and flies off using his Jumpluff.

Elsewhere, a Ditto is seen transforming into a four-legged creature. As it becomes more clear, slowly gains a bluish shade, it looks exactly like Suicune.

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