Hello! I am Racerjames200 but call me Glitchizard, an amateur glitcher who LIVES to play and glitch pokemon.

Some background info

I play a LOT of pokemon and I admire the big end youtube glitchers (Like TheZZAZZglitch, Chikasaurus, etc). I do everything in my power to add to this wiki.

My past

I have been a user since 2013 but I made poor edits and didn't even use the preview button. But i'm different. I've changed. I put effort, care, passion into my edits. I take youtube sights from me, and research as well as gameplay to add new angles and/or uncovered things.

My "Area"

I am all about glitches. I LOVE Gen I glitches due to their nature and usefulness, as well as how fun they are. That is my area, my only area. I strive to add more to glitches, especially glitch pokemon and check up on false or true info.


In all, I am a starter glitcher. That's all I got here so bye! -Racerjames200 (Aka Glitchizard)