Hey guys! I have been part of the fandom since the start of Galactic Battles. I have come a long way since then, I've gotten a few old games. Crystal, Emerald, and HeartGold and White, and White2. Don't ask for the teams or FCs please. Just ask anything on my talk page, thanks!

/Anime predictions

As Team Predictions is extremely common, I thought, why the HECK not? So here I am. Note this is only the main characters. I will write some fan fics along the way. I won't do pictures. That seems too confusing.


Pikachu- Really? No way can/should he evolve, ever. Period. Snivy → Servine → Serperior- In Snivy's battle against Cameron, did she use Attract? She was probably hiding a move and she was ready to evolve. Also, a Serperior with Ash? A showdown between Ash's and Trip's. Dream Set: Leaf Storm, Giga Drain, Dragon Pulse, and Aromatherapy Pignite- Nah. Don't like Emboar, much. He already has Infernape. I wish he would have dumped him for Quilava. Dream Set: Arm Thrust, Flame Charge, Rock Tomb, Overheat Oshawott → Dewott- He needs another evolved water type. Plus, he could use X-Scissor. I love Dewott, a bit too much. Unfezant- Can she evolve again? Why? I just hope she learns: U-Turn, Sky Attack, Facade, Steel Wing. Leavanny- He can't. Dream set though? Leaf Blade, X-Scissor(Check), Poison Jab, and Bug Buzz Palpitoad- Why would he? Only been seen in battles. Also, his moveset? Okay, in my opinion. Scaggy → Scrafty-This will go along with Iris' Axew. When Axew evolves to Fraxure and when Axew evolves into Haxorus, Scraggy should evolve. His set is okay as well. Krookodile- Power. Would love to see a battle between him and Charizard. Pure Power.... If he evolves, doubt it, change dark for Poison. Set? Crunch, Stone Edge, Low Sweep, and Outrage Charizard- See above. Set: Dragon Pulse, Flamethrower, Air Slash, Seismic Toss


Axew → Fraxure → Haxorus- See Ash's Scraggy Dream Set: Brick Break, Outrage, Giga Impact, Incinerate Excadrill- Can't evolve. Like his set. Emolga- Why did she catch it? Will never understand why.....