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Hi everyone!

I'm Memo326, also known as Grumpig (on Serebii.net) or MemoDLSG (on many other places). I've been a member of Bulbapedia for... I don't remember how long. Yes, I know, and I'm just starting my User page now. It's just that I wasn't sure what I wanted to write every time I started... In fact, I don't know what to write now, I'm just writing whatever comes into my head. (Things like that are why I mainly edit articles and not write new ones from scratch).

Me in Bulbapedia

I'm not a regular contributor, as is probably apparent, but I like to help out occasionally and make this place more organized and complete. I mainly focus on articles about the animé and the games, and filling in info of one medium in a page of the other if it should be there (like Saturn's Toxicroak, for example).