User:Maverick Nate/TCG Progress Report

The following is my personal list of everything that needs to happen with Bulbapedia's TCG section. I guess it can be used as some sort of To Do list for Project TCG.

1) Expansions

  • ‘Information’ sections (Base Set-HeartGold & SoulSilver; Plasma Freeze-on)
  • ‘Description’ sections (Base Set-Arceus)
  • ‘Additional cards’ sections (Base Set-Stormfront)
  • Add all appropriate set images to galleries on each set page
  • Add all Sampling/Preview pack boosters
  • Convert all old galleries to ‘TCGMerch’ template
  • Determine and incorporate all set abbreviations

2) Decks

  • English Theme Decks
  • Add Infoboxes to those lacking
  • Upload deck logos for those lacking
  • Upload deck box images for those lacking
  • Recreate ‘Theme Deck (TCG)’ - my interpretation of recreating (Theme Deck) --Marlofkark (talk) 12:34, 22 September 2014 (UTC)
  • World Championships Decks
  • Update previous years WC Decks to current standard
  • TCG Online
  • Game Boy Color Game Decks
  • Here Comes Team GR! Decks
  • Redo lists on all created decks
  • Find way to organize decks so they don’t seem so incomplete
  • Deck archetypes
  • Expand information on deck archetypes
  • Talk to local players/research past format decks

3) Merchandise

  • Keep XY TCG Series merchandise page up to date
  • Finish BW TCG Series merchandise page
  • Create other Series’ merchandise pages
  • Merge ‘Value Packs and sets (TCG)’ and ‘Collector’s Tins’ pages
  • Research International merchandise/decide how to post findings
  • Take pictures of merchandise without images
  • Take Archives’ ‘a:Category:Misrepresented Merchandise images’ seriously

4) Accessories

  • Bottle cap figures
  • Create page
  • Have images of every one
  • Make whole wiki consistent with how these are named

5) TCG Video Games

  • Pokémon Card GB2 Here Comes Team GR!
  • Actually have information on the game...
  • Improve character pages
  • Consistent Deck title translations
  • Create deck pages
  • TCG Online
  • Pokémon Card Game: How to Play DS
  • Also actually have info on this game
  • Play It! and Play It! 2
  • Reorganize deck pages

6) Cards

  • Standard cards
  • Finish adding Japanese set categories
  • Finish standardizing Filenames
  • Remove all origin speculation
  • Double check BW8-BW10 additions to ‘Cards by Pokémon’
  • Scan all cards (minus BW2-BW6)
  • Add all categories to all images
  • Differentiate ‘Glossy’ from ‘Holographic’
  • Standardize and correct all Ultra Rares’ Rarities
  • Research the origin of Dark Raichu
  • Promotional cards
  • Finish ‘Additional cards’ lists on expansion pages
  • Remerge and separate Misc. Promos more appropriately
  • Add ‘Release information’ sections to all promos
  • Research additional promo cards not listed on wiki
  • Develop system for non-English non-Japanese promos
  • Research Jumbo Promos and create page for them
  • Research all League promos and determine dates of release
  • All DVD exclusive promos since 2007
  • English Error Cards
  • Check each new card released to alert Pokémon immediately
  • Verify all information on ‘Error card’ page
  • Develop organizational/description system for errors
  • Double check every single card’s Pokédex data/entry
  • Check every English card’s English translation for errors
  • Determine how severe a mistranslation must be to be an error
  • Japanese Error cards
  • Create first online list of Japanese error cards
  • Research Japanese error cards
  • Japanese cards
  • Retranslate every card
  • Holofoil cards
  • Name every Holofoil pattern that exists
  • Convert wiki to say ‘Holofoil’ instead of ‘Holographic’
  • Research every Holofoil card to determine which type
  • Create lists of every card of every Holofoil pattern
  • Rewrite ‘Holographic card’ page
  • Energy cards
  • Finally update all Energy card pages
  • Move basic energies from ‘(TCG)’ title to ‘(Set #)’ title
  • Have full card scans
  • Add release information sections for all energies
  • Have scans of each different Basic Energy
  • List each product with each type of Energy
  • Merge
  • Merge Super Energy Removal with SER 2
  • Merge Energy Removal with ER 2

7) Illustrators

  • Create pages on illustrators not yet written
  • Pay more attention to illustrators’ twitters and/or Facebook/personal websites
  • Rewrite the illustrator articles that are just lists
  • Determine illustrators for all promotional Expansion artwork
  • Ask Masakazu Fukuda for professional photo for article
  • Ask Akira Komoyama how TPCi approached her for a redraw
  • Discover every card’s illustrator in Unknown illustrator category

8) Artwork

  • Scan cards of all Trainer class Trainers for page info box image
  • Scan cards of all Item Trainers for Item pages
  • Determine locations of illustrations to post on appropriate pages
  • Determine who illustrated all promotional set artwork

9) Templates

  • Recreate info box for expansions

10) Lists

  • Trainer cards
  • Energy cards
  • Merge together list with main energy card page
  • Ultra Rares
  • Make sure each type is updated for most recent release
  • Create better tables for separating English and Japanese card
  • Make better table for List of TCG expansions
  • Check all Japanese setlists for English consistent names
  • Add links to all linkless set/deck lists
  • Create lists for all Powers/Bodies/Abilities/Moves in TCG

11) Miscellaneous

  • Commercials
  • Add additional video links to ‘Pokémon commercial’
  • Research the actress and the wrestler that did the BW2 CM
  • Add TCG commercial info to the singer of Ierukana BW
  • Tutorial pages
  • Create TCG Manual of Style
  • Provide better explanations of how all templates operate
  • Provide better help wanted description on project page
  • Stress the importance of doing our own translations
  • Create pages for significant players in the TCG
  • Create/maintain pages of books released through the TCG
  • Species pages
  • Create template for Pokédex entries to be listed
  • Write blurb for each PKMN’s ‘In the TCG’ section
  • Merge Unnamed Wizards Set with Jamboree after additional research
  • Improve ‘Pokémon Trading Card Game’ page
  • Improve ‘Owner’s Pokémon (TCG)’ page somehow
  • Expand information on Tournaments/Worlds
  • How I Became a Pokémon Card manga expanding
  • Create pages for significant websites
  • Expand connections with outside websites
  • Create comprehensive errata list

12) Pages needing creation

  • All redlink decks
  • All redlink Archetypes
  • All redlink illustrators
  • Unreleased Wailmer promo from Gen 2
  • 2012 & 2013 Birthday Pikachu; additional Pikachu Jumbo
  • Mayuko & Tsuguyoshi Wedding card

13) Images

  • Repair all broken card image links on Bulbanews
  • Add categories to all card images
  • Move all images to current name standard
  • Scan each English card for reference images
  • Determine notability of alternate card images
  • Have scans of each Code Card

14) Moves/Abilities

  • Develop a table for ‘In the TCG’ section for Moves and Abilities
  • Create comprehensive list of each Move/Ability/Power
  • Add aforementioned table to each M/A page

15) Wiki TCG management

  • Add interwiki links for every card’s foreign pages
  • Change all the German interwiki links that have been moved
  • Create all necessary categories/incorporate all categories

16) International TCG

  • Korean TCG
  • Create pages for their exclusive sets detailing the Korean release
  • Add information to each set page
  • Romance language countries
  • Find out why France did not release Platinum: Arceus
  • Determine how different European product line ups are
  • Add their different release dates to each set page
  • Add their set names to each set page

17) Organized Play

  • English
  • Update Pokémon Play! Page
  • Research League/Professor Program/Player Rewards promos
  • Incorporate all VG Organized Play information
  • Collect all TCG and VG challenges
  • Help out with the current PokéGym project collecting all winners of every tournament ever.
  • Japanese
  • Create page for Pokémon Daisuke Club
  • Create page detailing Points program to earn promos

18) Upcoming releases

19) Tournaments! (coming soon)