Real Name Fran*
Gender Male
Favorites Pokémon Ani025MS.pngAni417MS.png Ani172MS.png Ani235MS.png
Favorite Game Pokémon Sapphire*
Favorite Color Orange!

Hi lol. Ok, I'm Frika from Pokéteca. I'm from Spain and I am 14 years old.

My favorites Pokémon are Pachirisu & Pikachu, but I love the other electric mouses * *¬*

My Pokémon Games

Ma ferst poqemon gaem was poqemon rubbi & safier. I was noob at the time (?) I'm playing this game again. *o*

Later on, I got Pokémon Pinball R/Z, it's a good game and funny XD.

Next that, I bought FireRed & LeafGreen. =/ Other Pokémon game.

With the Nintendo DS I bought Pokémon DP. *OO* So cool

Platinum. Again " =/ "

And now I'm waiting for HG/SS *O*