If only I could get all of these in just one game! DreamBadges.png SugimoriPokeBall.pngSugimoriLuxuryBall.pngSugimoriNestBall.pngSugimoriDiveBall.pngSugimoriRepeatBall.pngSugimoriTimerBall.pngSugimoriGreatBall.pngSugimoriPremierBall.pngSugimoriUltraBall.pngSugimoriHealBall.pngSugimoriQuickBall.pngSugimoriDuskBall.pngSugimoriCherishBall.pngSugimoriMasterBall.png

This my favorite Dex

  My Team             Levels        Items       Moves

Torterra 389Torterra.png

                     Level 100   Miracle Seed Razor Leaf
                                              Energy Ball
                                              Frenzy Plant

Flame 006Charizard.png

                      Level 100    Exp.Share  Flamethrower
                                              Heat Wave
                                              Blast Burn
                                              Mega Kick

Lugia 249Lugia.png

                      Level 100     No Item   Fly
                                              Psycho Boost
                                              Natural Gift

Salamence 373Salamence.png

                      Level 100    No Item    Dragon Claw
                                              Zen Headbutt

Blissey 242Blissey.png

                   Level 100      No Item     Ice Beam
                                              Brick Break

Blaziken 257Blaziken.png

                     Level 80      Magnet     Flamethrower
                                              Blaze Kick
                                              Over Heat 
                                              Blast Burn

Friend Codes

483.png Pokemon Diamond is 4210-1784-2800

Current Breeding I am currently breeding starters, Dragon Types, and I have about thirty Eevee's. I can give them at any level you wish Here is a list of what I can give: Spr 4d 004.pngCharmander Spr 4d 007.pngSquirtle Spr 4d 001.pngBulbasaur Spr 4d 252.pngTreecko 258.pngMudkip Spr 4d 255 m.pngTorchic 387.pngTurtwig Spr 4d 393.pngPiplup Spr 4d 390.pngChimchar 443.pngGible

Spr 4d 009 s.png ShinyIIStars.pngThis user found Squirt's Shiny BlastoiseShinyIIStars.png

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