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Hello! I'm Evie (pronounced just like Eevee), formerly known as Evil Figment (and before that Damian Silverblade), Chief of Staff of Bulbagarden.net, former Rules Director and before that Head Administrator of the forums. You may occasionally run into me here when an issue with a policy or an article has caught my attention and I feel the need to get involved, though I tend to be more involved on the forum and social medias side (you may have hard me on the Bulbacast).

About Me

I'm known around Bulba mostly as Evie these days, though there are still people who call me "Figgy". I've been working on Bulbagarden since Archaic took over in December of 2002, first working on the forums were I was eventually promoted to first Head Administrator of Bulbagarden. I resigned from forum work in 2006, but came back around 2009 when Archaic begged me to. I like to remind him nowaday that it's his own fault I'm here.

Since my return I went from head of the Real World (eg, political debate) forum, to rules directors (guy who decide what the rules are), to interim head administrator when the Head Administrator was otherwise unavailable, until I finally was promoted to vice-Webmaster in january 2012, and to Chief of Staff in 2016.

I'm not the biggest Pokémon fan anymore (that may explain why I rarely edit pages about Pokémon), but I've been part of the community a long time, and I still love being involved in it. And I still do play the games when new ones come out. Unlike my good friend evkl, I feel the series has improved with the past few generations, reaching a height with Black and White (plus, any new generations get us further away from the abomination that was Gen III. That's ALWAYS a good thing).


If you need to contact me, I'm available at the following:

E-mail: figment (at) bulbagarden (d o t) net


I totally did not steal my userpage from evkl and anyone who say otherwise is a filthy liar. *cough*

And I am, in fact, a lawyer, who wrote most of Bulbagarden's rules. Don't get into a rule lawyering fight with me, you'll lose.