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How I met Generation I

Watching the episode The Ninja Poké-Showdown at the age of 9, Duke R met all the elements that would addict him to Pokémon:

  • Characters. Psyduck made the Duke laugh from the moment he saw it.
  • Pokédex. A device containing data of each one of 150 different creatures. For a collector, that's paradise.
  • Evolution. To see Koga's Venonat evolving into Venomoth was deliriously amazing!
  • Battles. All the special powers from the attacks were fantastic!
  • Gym Badges. To be rewarded for your victories, something that everyone needs in life.
  • Team Rocket. How can you dislike them? (In Season 1.)

From this day on, your Highness's mind was abducted to this world where everything is possible, you can leave your home in search of a prosperous life, and your partners will never leave you alone.

How I met Generation II

At the same year, the first Generation II Pokémon that Duke R met was Togepi. It made no difference to him though, as he thought it was between the first 151 he met.

When the Duke bought his first Pokémon magazine, the Generation II Pokémon were being revealed and the thought of 100 brand new monsters, like Hinoarashi or Tsubotsubo, made him believe that maybe this perfect world would not end so fast. Addiction grown larger.

How I met Generation III

The same Pokémon magazine now revealed the first three Generation III Pokémon. The issue of March, 2011 presented Kakureon, Ruriri and Hoeruko, the new Pokémon that would be featured in Pokémon 4ever's short film. With 135 new Pokémon, addiction became sickness.

How I met Generation IV

May, 2004. announced the first Generation IV Pokémon, Gonbe. So early, so cute. At the PokéCommunity forums, Duke R changed his signature to a picture of the new Pokémon followed by a button. On it was written "Go! Laxbe!" and, when clicked, a window would pop up with the text: "If KabiGON = SnorLAX, so GONbe = LAXbe; and Laxbe is the opposite of "be lax", because it does not sleep, it eats."


From this day on, many PokéComumunity users started to think that its English name had been released, and called it Laxbe. Searching on Google, the Duke could find sites from the United States, Poland, Mexico and even from his own country, Brazil, among others, revealing Laxbe as Gonbe's official name.

The same site that revealed the new Pokémon, had to post a note asking people to stop saying this name was true, since it was fake. The confusion was over.

How I met Generation V

For the first time, Duke R didn't meet the new Pokémon through a magazine or a website. After seeing Zoroark and Zorua (with disappointment) at PokéBeach, and all the subsequent Pokémon that leaked until the release of the Black and White Versions, the Duke decided to meet the remaining 95 Pokémon by playing the games.

This experience was unique and made Generation V one of his favorites, as the Pokémon look much like the ones from Generation I.

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