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This is the XD Shadow Pokémon opinions page. If you were looking for the Colosseum opinions, click here. NOTE: I am NOT trying to rip off MAGNEDETH's list of Pokémon Green sprites. These are my full honest opinions and it only takes inspiration from the pages.


This is for the list of XD Pokémon. See page 1 for Colosseum Pokémon.

Shadow Pokémon

Pokémon Menu Model Opinion Good for a future sequel?/Extra Notes
Teddiursa Menu XD 216.png Box XD 216.png As I said on the previous page, Ursaring is a good Pokémon to have. So far, this is a pretty good start for the list. Definitely.
Ledyba Menu XD 165.png Box XD 165.png And here's where things go downhill. Ledyba and Ledian are both terrible Pokémon. Bad stats, bad looks, bad moves and bad names. Seriously, who do they hire to decide which Pokémon should be in it? Monkeys? Come on Genius, you can do better than this. No, I've had enough of Ladybug Pokémon.
Poochyena Menu XD 261.png Box XD 261.png Here's where things get a little better for XD. Poochyena and Mightyena are both pretty decent Pokémon in my opinion. I don't see anything wrong with it. Let's hope XD stays this way from now on. Mightyena should have a shot.
Houndour Menu XD 228.png Box XD 228.png Like with Houndoom in Colosseum, Houndour's a good Pokémon to have. Nothing wrong here. Seems fine to me.
Spheal Menu XD 363.png Box XD 363.png Spheal has always been one of my favorites. It's especially good once it evolves. Don't see anything wrong here either. Sealeo or Walrein deserves a chance.
Baltoy Menu XD 343.png Box XD 343.png Baltoy and Claydol have always been odd to me. Don't get me wrong, they have good stats and all, but I don't prefer to use Baltoy. Either is fine I guess.
Mareep Menu XD 179.png Box XD 179.png Mareep, Flaaffy and Ampharos are all good Pokémon to have, and with recent advances in evolution, you can get a super Ampharos that has GORGEOUS HAIR. A sequel would be meaningless without a shadow Ampharos.
Gulpin Menu XD 316.png Box XD 316.png Gulpin and Swalot are more examples of strange Pokémon that have good stats. Again, I don't tend to use them, but I'm sure some players may find a use for them. Again, either is fine.
Seedot Menu XD 273.png Box XD 273.png Seedot is a pretty good Pokémon, especially when it gets to its final form. Nothing wrong here. Nuzleaf would be good.
Spinarak Menu XD 167.png Box XD 167.png And things get bad again. Spinarak and Ariados are good in stats, but beyond that, terrible. Again, I can make a better Shadow Pokémon with Jynx.
Numel Menu XD 322.png Box XD 322.png Numel and its evolution both are great in stats, but like Miltank in Colosseum, Camerupt's a party pooper, especially Dakim's Camperupt. It always took out Entei with its explosive bowel movements whenever I'd try to catch it. I don't use either because of that reason. Camerupt should have a chance, no matter how much of a pooper it is.
Carvanha Menu XD 318.png Box XD 318.png While Carvanha and Sharpedo have two of the best designs in Generation III, their stats disturb me big time, with very low Defense and Sp. Defense. Sorry Carvanha, but you weren't fit for duty. No, there are plenty of other fish in the sea.
Shroomish Menu XD 285.png Box XD 285.png I do like Shroomish and Breloom very much, but I think Shroomish is just too cute to be a Shadow Pokémon. I think they should've went with Breloom on this one. They should do Breloom instead of Shroomish. What's next? Shadow Teletubbies? Oh wait. That's even more terrifying.
Delcatty Menu XD 301.png Box XD 301.png I'm not particularly a fan of Skitty and Delcatty, but Delcatty was great for Lovrina, as Delcatty matched up with Lovrina's stereotypical teenage girl attitude "purrfectly". No. Delcatty only worked once. I don't think it'll work again.
Voltorb Menu XD 100.png Box XD 100.png What's the point in judging this one? It won't even last long enough to begin with. It would be interesting to see a Shadow Electrode actually......until it Explodes.
Makuhita Menu XD 296.png Box XD 296.png Oh look our chubby buddy is back! I'll just say what I said in the previous article. He's lacking in speed, but great to have in your party regardless. Yes, it'd make perfect sense trust me.