ファイレンゼ '
Age 17
Gender Female
Eye color Grey
Hair color White
Hometown ハナダシティ
Region カントー地方
Trainer class ロケット団いん


Welcome to my page! I'm Cherry Paranoia, also known as Roccie (on other sites. If you find a Roccie on this site, IMPOSTER!).

I'm currently trying to NOT screw up on editing, so i'm mostly keeping to typos unless otherwise told by fellow members to do something (usually in a chatroom and they want one person to edit something they've all agreed on, etc). So if you see me make a totally out of whack edit, blame them, not me. :P

Feel free to say anything weird on my Talk Page. :)

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Planned Team for HeartGold

(before they evolve, of course!):


Changes make occur as i adore different types. :) I'm trying to keep a team of only Generation 2 pokemon (cept Dratini cuz he's awesome). :3

Current Team on Platinum


This is my generic team. Sometimes i throw in my starter (Torterra) and i'm training an Eevee to become a member of my team. :3 I also have a Sableye... who is a BAMF.

One Type Challenge!

I'm staring the one type challenge for Sapphire version! Because i hate most grass types, i decided to do grass as my type so i can learn to love them.







  • CherryP know Japanese pretty well (3 years of it) but sucks at Katakana. "I can read it but i can never get what the heck they're trying to say. Fun fact."


  This user's favorite Pokémon is Sableye.
  This user's favorite color is black.
  This user's favorite color is green.
  This user prefers the nighttime.
  This user was an early supporter of remakes of Pokémon Gold and Silver.
  This user's favorite shipping is RocketShipping.