The God of Arceusism.
Age 17
Gender Male
Hometown Los Angeles, California
Region Unknown

Hey my name is Arceus101 and my real name is John. My main interests on Pokemon are the games itself and the Pokemon Adventures manga. I sometimes watch the show for fun even though I don't follow it as obsessively as I do for the manga and the games.

Well about me...I started playing Pokemon when I was five when my uncle gave me his Blue version. I soon started taking an interest in it and now I'm a huge Pokemon fan. I read some of the manga rounds from my local library (the library only had RGB and Yellow chapters at the time, it was before Viz started releasing their volumes). When I was around 13, my friend told me that I could read some scans online (not sure if I should be putting this here) so that was the point in my life when I could keep up with the recent chapters.

I used to be a hardcore competitive battler back in Generation IV but I never got back into it when Generation V came out. Hopefully when Pokemon X and Y comes out and I'm a senior, I'll have time to get back into it.

Some other game series that I play include Super Mario, Dragon Quest, and Starcraft (hey, I'm Korean :3).

My team in Pokémon Red

My team in Pokémon Yellow

My team in Pokémon Crystal

My team in Pokémon Ruby

My team in Pokémon FireRed