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The Town Council members
The Town Council members wearing masks

The Town Council members are characters of the day that featured in Plant It Now...Diglett Later. The elderly people founded Diglett Village and are its local political representatives.

The members of the Town Council enlisted the assistance of Team Rocket, Ash, and his friends to stop the band of Diglett thieves from stealing the town's Diglett, which are used in the village for agriculture. However, they remain unaware that the band of Diglett thieves are actually a ploy created by their own children, who live in a larger town nearby.

The Town Council proved to be a lively bunch who valued hard work. They are determined to maintain their independence and have continued to refuse into to move into the purpose-built retirement home as such. With the help of Team Rocket and Ash's group, the members of the Town Council were taught how to defend themselves from the band of Diglett thieves. As a way of thanking Ash and his friends, the elders presented them with a Silver Wing Badge and directed the group to Silver Rock Isle.

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