Tony's parents

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Tony's parents are characters of the day who appeared in Go, Go Gogoat!.

Tony's parents

Tony's mother was first seen informing Officer Jenny that her son had run off. When Ash and his friends arrived, she explained that Tony was upset because it was his father's birthday, but his father would be unable to make it home from his work at the mountain observatory that night. As a result, Tony had run off to the observatory. Officer Jenny told her to stay in the city in case Tony returned.

Tony's father later appeared when everyone arrived at the observatory. Initially, he scolded his son for running away, but was happy to see that he was safe. Tony presented him with his present, a drawing of his father's favorite Pokémon constellation, Braviary. Now reunited, the family spent the night stargazing.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Mother: 鷹森淑乃 Yoshino Takamori
Father: 最上嗣生 Tsuguo Mogami
Finnish Mother: Susa Saukko
Father: Markus Bäckman
European French Mother: Delphine Chauvier
Father: Alexis Flamant
Polish Mother:?
Father: Cezary Kwieciński
European Spanish Mother: Cheyenne Summers
Father: César Martín

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