Timothy (EP191)

Timothy (Japanese: ヒロキ Hiroki) is a character of the day who appeared in The Dunsparce Deception.


Timothy was able to capture a Dunsparce during a massive emergence of the Land Snake Pokémon. He invited several children to a local playground and challenged Bucky, who was away during the swarm event, and his Caterpie to compete in a race against all of the other children's Dunsparce. However, Caterpie struggled against the Dunsparce and Timothy had his Pokémon fly over one of the obstacles. After Caterpie fell, Bucky took himself out of the race, while a girl scolded Timothy for humiliating him.

Timothy and the other children went to watch Team Rocket's "Moltres versus Dunsparce" performance, though they were left disappointed by the costumes and acting. After the play was over, Jessie announced that the children could trade their Dunsparce for a Moltres. Timothy was first in line, and the other children followed suit, completely unaware that it was a scheme by Team Rocket to steal all of their Pokémon. Bucky, Ash, and his friends stumbled upon the crying children, who revealed that they had been conned and received fake Poké Balls after trading away their Dunsparce.

After the situation was resolved and Bucky caught his own Dunsparce, he, Timothy, and the other children were able to play together.


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Timothy caught a Dunsparce like all of the other children in town. He boasted about its impeccable flying ability, something the other children could not compete with. He entered it in a race against all of the other Dunsparce and invited Bucky, who didn't have one.

Later, Timothy found out that Team Rocket had stolen his Dunsparce during one of their schemes. Timothy, along with the rest of the children, found Team Rocket and used a special combination attack to defeat Team Rocket and get their Dunsparce back. In the end, Bucky managed to catch a Dunsparce as well.

Dunsparce's known moves are Glare, Screech, and Take Down.

Debut The Dunsparce Deception

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese ゆきじ Yukiji
English Jimmy Zoppi
Italian Patrizia Mottola
Polish Teresa Nawrot
Brazilian Portuguese Marcelo Campos
Spanish Latin America Victor Ugarte
Spain Elena Palacios

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