Timeline of Ruby and Sapphire's 80-day challenge

The fourth chapter of Pokémon Adventures is the story of Ruby and Sapphire, their 80-day challenge, and the crisis caused by Team Aqua and Team Magma unleashing Kyogre and Groudon.

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Volume Days left Date Ruby Sapphire
15 80 July 2 Littleroot Town Ruby's birthday. Runs away from home aiming to conquer all the Pokémon Contests. Littleroot Town Encounter with Ruby; makes the 80-day challenge.
79 July 3 Oldale Town Arrival at Oldale. Gives Mudkip the nickname Mumu. Sets out on journey aiming to conquer all the Gyms.
78 July 4 Petalburg City Encounter with Wally. Near miss with his father, Norman. On the move
77 July 5 Captures a Pokémon with Wally; falls into a river and gets carried away. Rara left in Wally's care. Petalburg Woods Battle with Team Aqua. Receives the letter from President Stone.
76 July 6 Over the seas Unconscious. Rescued by Mr. Briney. Rustboro City Battle with Roxanne; obtains the Stone Badge.
16 75 July 7 Over the seas Awakens. Battles against Crawdaunt aboard the boat. On the move over the seas on Wailord
74 July 8 Towards Dewford Town
73 July 9
72 July 10
71 July 11
70 July 12 Dewford Town Battles together with Steven. Meets Sapphire. Dewford Town Battle with Brawly; obtains the Knuckle Badge.
69 July 13 On the move over the seas on Sapphire's Wailord
68 July 14 Abandoned Ship Battle together against Team Magma with Plusle and Minun.
67 July 15 On the move on Sea Route 109 using Sapphire's Wailord
66 July 16
65 July 17
64 July 18
63 July 19
62 July 20
61 July 21
17 60 July 22 Slateport City Captured by Blaise; escapes from the submarine by escape pod. Route 110 Parts ways with Ruby.
59 July 23 Adrift On the move on Route 110
58 July 24
57 July 25 New Mauville Receives the Dynamo Badge from Wattson. Captures Phado.
56 July 26 Route 118 Fishes up Feefee. Battle with his father, Norman. On the move on Route 111
55 July 27 Weather Institute After an all-night battle with Norman, picked up by Gabby and Ty.
54 July 28 On the move in Gabby and Ty's van On the move on Mt. Chimney
53 July 29
52 July 30
51 July 31
50 August 1
18 49 August 2 On the move in Gabby and Ty's van Mt. Chimney Battle against Team Aqua. Obtains the Heat Badge from Flannery.
48 August 3 On the move through the Jagged Pass
47 August 4
46 August 5
45 August 6
44 August 7
43 August 8
42 August 9
41 August 10
40 August 11
39 August 12 Arrival at Verdanturf Town
38 August 13 Verdanturf Town Enters a Normal Rank Pokémon Contest. Confrontation with Courtney; escapes.
37 August 14 On the move in Gabby and Ty's van
36 August 15
35 August 16
34 August 17
33 August 18
32 August 19
31 August 20 Fallarbor Town Enters a Super Rank Pokémon Contest; becomes Wallace's apprentice.
19 30 August 21 Fortree City Refuses to join Sapphire and the Gym Leaders. Fortree City Meets the Gym Leaders. Becomes enraged by Ruby.
29 August 22 Escapes to Slateport City Battle with Winona; obtains the Feather Badge.
28 August 23 Slateport City Enters a Hyper Rank Pokémon Contest; loses Feefee. Route 123 Witnesses Kyogre and Groudon.
27 August 24 Route 126 Ruby decides to join Sapphire and the Gym Leaders. Route 126 Goes to the Seafloor Cavern together with Ruby.
20 26 August 25 Seafloor Cavern Battle against Kyogre and Groudon.
21 25 August 26 Sootopolis City Grand Meteor discharge; engulfed in the explosion.
24-5 August 27 - September 15 Unconscious on Mirage Island
(The flow of time on Mirage Island is abnormal during this period.)
4 September 16 Mirage Island Awakens. Intensive training with Juan, Tate and Liza. Mirage Island Receives the Rain Badge and Mind Badge at the end of the training.
22 3 September 17 Sootopolis City Leaves Mirage Island. The final battle with Kyogre and Groudon. Sootopolis City Leaves Mirage Island. Chases Ruby in Wallace's car.
2 September 18 The final battle with Archie and Maxie.
1 September 19 Airship One Contest rank remaining: the Master Rank. Airship One Gym Badge remaining: the Balance Badge.
0 September 20 Sapphire's secret base All Contest Ribbons obtained. Sapphire's secret base Sapphire's birthday. All Gym Badges obtained.

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