The Sea

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The Sea (Japanese: Umi) is a song found on the It's a White Tomorrow! Team Rocket album. It is a lyrical adaptation of the Surf theme from Generation I. It was composed by Junichi Masuda and performed by Reiko Shiraha.


Japanese English
波ゆられ 夕日が踊る
微笑んだ 「また明日」って
潮風よりそい しばらく休もう
戦う勇気が あふれてくるから

満天の 星が歌う
ささやいた 「がんばろう」って
三日月ゆりかご 夢見て眠ろう
旅する元気が あふれてくるから
The setting sun dances as the waves rock
Smiling as it said "See you tomorrow"
I snuggle with the sea breeze as I rest for a while
As the courage to battle overflows

The stars sing all over the sky
Whispering "Do your best"
I dream while I sleep upon the crescent cradle
As the excitement for the journey overflows

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